In today’s online, connected world, customers expect to do business with you online. Having a solid online presence with a mobile-optimized, PCI-compliant website allows your customers to easily (and safely) transact with you. That can mean more customers, more revenue and less operating expense for you.

Benefits of Taking Web Payments

Providing an instant online payment solution helps increase customer retention by providing a streamlined experience that reduces the amount of time required to pay you. It also helps you decrease operational costs by removing manual steps and potential errors from your receivables process.

Accepting online payments helps you:

  • Speed cash flow and reduce delays in processing time
  • Simplify back-end processes
  • Improve the customer experience and retention rates
  • Provide your customers with a 24×7 payment channel
  • Decrease administrative time required to manually enter transactions
  • Alleviate human error, saving time required to research and rectify the situation
  • Provide a safe, PCI-compliant payment environment
According to Forrester, online spending in the U.S. is expected to reach $370 billion by 2017.

Mobile Payments with ETran

Quick, Secure and Flexible Web Payments

FTNI’s web payment solution offers a quick and easy way for you to begin taking ACH and PCI-Compliant Credit Card web payments. We offer the flexibility of integrating into your existing website or fully hosting your payments solution from a new site depending on your specific needs.

By providing your customers with a self-service payment portal that supports multiple payment methods, they can pay when they want to with the payment method of their choice.  Of course, the benefit to you is these payments are processed and posted with almost no staff costs.

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