Many companies today are challenged with managing disparate back-office systems – from payment systems to accounting and CRM systems to a myriad of other back-office support systems. As your organization grows, you may struggle to maintain control of all these systems and have likely found that many receivable solutions are limited in their ability to scale, to accommodate multiple sites and payment sources, as well as to integrate into the systems needed to help your back office run efficiently.

Considerations for Your Payments Platform

Key questions each company should consider when researching a payments provider are:

  • Is my organization positioned to process different payment sources (i.e. mail-in, online, mobile, in-person, etc.) from multiple locations?
  • Is my organization positioned to process different payment methods (check, ACH, credit card and cash) and provide me a consolidated view of those payments?
  • Are all these sources unified in their ability to be accurately and efficiently accepted, posted, reconciled and reported?
  • Will my processing platform integrate with other systems to help automate tasks as we grow (i.e. invoices, tax documents, accounting systems, CRM, etc.)?

Leveraging the right payment technology for your organizations can provide you with peace-of-mind by integrating with your back-end systems for maximum efficiency. You should ensure your payment processing system allows for accepting any payment type and can easily managing payments from multiple sites. It should also give you a user-friendly dashboard that can report on all payments coming in at any given time to simplify your total view and add efficiencies across the board.

As your organization grows, integrating payment and accounting systems can reduce costs and improve data visibility.

Integrate any accounting system with ETran

Simplified, Scalable Integrated Receivables Platform

FTNI’s robust, user-friendly receivables platform integrates directly into your back office systems to provide automation and enable scalability. We offer integration into many of the most popular back office, accounting and CRM solutions in either batch or real-time. By leveraging FTNI’s proven technology, systems and processes to optimize and streamline your receivables, you can rest assured you are prepared for the next level of growth.

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