Why Your Business Should Take Recurring Credit Card Payments

If you are providing a service or a product that is used on a recurring basis, recurring credit card payments will make running your business a lot easier. Recurring credit and debit card payments let you automatically bill your customers on a regular interval. That interval is something that you can decide, either with a specific date or on an interval based on elapsed time, such as every two weeks.

Making an automatic payment for services has become a very common way for customers to pay their bills. Vehicle insurance, web hosting or internet access, cable TV access, and many other monthly billed services utilize recurring credit card payments. Recurring bill has become a more common way for people to pay for utility or maintenance bills. If you provide a service or product on a specific interval, offering your customers this convenience will be a welcome option. Your customers will not have to worry about whether they miss a payment or find the time to work on bills.

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Are Collections Causing You Consternation?

The collections process can be tricky for any company, but especially for distribution companies who deal with large volumes of customers and deliveries on a daily to weekly basis. You need customers to be current in order to protect your revenue flow and keep your operations moving smoothly, but you must also be careful not to damage the personal relationship you’ve formed with your customers.

The good news is that there are new ways to not only make your collections efforts easier, but to help you improve cash flow and simplify your administration all at the same time. The same technology can be employed whether you operate on a payment due upon delivery basis or a monthly billing basis.

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