Streamline Your Check and Remittance Processing
with Enhanced RDC Solutions

Check Processing -  FTNI

Since the early 2000’s and the passing of the Check 21 Act, the number of paper checks written is declining by an estimated 1.8 billion per year. Even at this accelerated rate, paper checks will still be around – at least until 2026.

In the meantime, businesses need an effective and efficient system for check and remittance processing – one which allows them to continue processing paper checks and remittance documents – while minimizing time and cost, and providing timely availability of funds.

Benefits of Streamlined Check and Remittance Processing

  • Fast and transparent availability of funds
  • Increased visibility into customer data
  • Reduced admin time spent on check and remittance processing
  • Improved business process efficiency
  • Elimination of entry errors and documents lost in transit
  • Mitigation of fraud risks by minimizing check and document touch points
  • Reduced sorting of multiple advices, based on posting criteria

Simplified Check and Remittance Processing

FTNI’s ETran solution will revolutionize your business by providing one simple, flexible payments platform to scan and process checks and remittance documents, including both stubs and full-page document scanning. Our check and remittance processing solution seamlessly integrates into your back office accounting and internal systems to give you valuable access to receivables information through either batch or real-time updates.

ETran's enhanced remote deposit capture (RDC) capabilities allow you to scan and process checks, money orders, coupons and remittance papers safely and securely using an approved scanner. Images are captured and automatically converted into the appropriate file type, then information from the document is automatically pulled and submitted for electronic processing.

Better still, all items run through for deposit can be viewed in ETran’s cloud-based, secure online environment, which can be seamlessly integrated with nearly any accounting system. From a single user interface you can:

  • View transactions
  • See deposit status
  • Extract data for bulk uploads and/or reporting

ETran is also bank agnostic, making it the simplest, fastest and most effective solution for check and remittance processing. Your business will process checks and remittance documents more efficiently – saving time, improving cash flow, and reducing costs.

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