Financial Services-Focused Remote Deposit Capture Solutions to Simplify Check Scanning and Processing

Designed as a tailored check processing solution specifically for the Financial Services industry and delivered in a SaaS model, ETran Lite (formerly eRemitPro) can be seamlessly integrated with your back office accounting applications, banking systems and any Digital Check desktop scanner or mobile device based on your check scanning volume needs.

The solution includes browser-based check imaging and administration modules and a desktop check scanner, allowing your business to easily prepare electronic deposits from any desktop and send to your bank of choice. What’s more, the ETran Lite mobile SDKs allow you to easily embed mRDC functionality within your existing Android or iOS apps.

Easily integrated with your back-office systems, ETran Lite helps to facilitate the automatic reconciliation of payment and customer account data based on your unique business rules and processes. Check images can be archived in the cloud or downloaded to an internal database, and the solution works with both physical checks and mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC) scenarios.

Business Benefits of ETran Lite:

  • Accelerated clearing and funds availability via same day deposits
  • Easily support centralized or distributed scanning environments
  • Reduced operational costs and processing administration
  • Integrations with many leading financial technology providers such as Pershing, Thomson BETA,
    Docupace and many more
  • Increased cash flow from optimized treasury management
  • Enhanced treasury reporting at macro- and micro-levels
  • Improved back-office system integration and fewer data siloes
  • Bank agnostic – easily route transactions to existing or new bank destinations
  • A single view of electronic deposits, from desktop and mobile sources

Learn more by downloading the complete ETran Lite data sheet.