ETran is Well Suited to Meet Your Lockbox Needs

The decision to leverage a lockbox within your receivables mix — whether run internally or outsourced — is no small undertaking. FTNI’s ETran integrated receivables platform delivers affordably implemented, easily configurable and conveniently maintained lockbox processing solutions including advanced Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), remittance document scanning and seamless posting of payment data to your back-office system.

ETran is the engine of internal lockbox operations both large and small. It drives lockboxes processing a few thousand checks and remittance documents per month AND powers lockbox operations processing nearly one million checks and associated documents monthly.

ETran makes 'outsourced' lockbox operations data friendly and work smoothly with your internal back-office systems. Commonly referred to as ‘consuming the feed’ from your lockbox provider, ETran’s back-office and bank agnostic nature allows it to take information from your outsourced lockbox and information from your internal business’ systems and successfully match them via an automated process based on your unique business rules. Then, ETran can feed that data into your back-office and CRM systems in either batch or real-time.

Security Is Built-In, Not Bolted-On as an Afterthought

ETran’s SaaS architecture gives you the benefit of multiple layers of compliance and proactive security. At the application layer, ETran is both PCI and HIPAA compliant. Additionally, you (and your customers) will benefit from an additional layer of compliance (PCI, HITRUST/HIPAA, SSAE16 and more) and proactive cyber security operations from our hosting partner, recognized secure cloud-hosting provider, Armor.

Learn more by downloading the complete Lockbox data sheet.