An Integrated Fraud & Risk Management Solution

Included in ETran’s Administrative Module at no additional cost, the Proactive Payment Monitor module offers users robust monitoring of web and mobile transactions in addition to desktop remote deposit capture (RDC), ACH, credit card, and even cash transactions across the ETran platform. Corporates and banks alike will maximize oversight using Proactive Payment Monitor hand-in-hand with ETran’s other intuitive oversight and management features like configurable workflow queues, variable hierarchy controls and user-level data access permissions.

Proactive Payment Monitor — Easy to Use, Powerful in Action

Proactive Payment Monitor’s ‘Rules Wizard’ helps you easily choose criteria and define actions. There can be as many rules as your business needs. With ETran’s Proactive Payment Monitor, corporates and banks can now monitor all receivables activity from a single platform, streamlining the identification and actioning of potentially fraudulent transactions before they ever reach the bank or merchant processor.


Learn more by downloading the complete Proactive Payment Monitor data sheet.