Easily Configurable Remote Deposit Capture Solutions for Your Business

Checks are here and here to stay for years to come, regardless of increased use of web payments, credit cards and ACH in the general marketplace. The check as the primary payment method is particularly true in the B2B community. In fact, checks still account for over 50 percent of B2B remittances.

On the leading edge of electronic transmission of funds and payment processing, Financial Transmission Network, Inc. (FTNI) recognized early on the value of remote deposit capture (RDC) solutions following 2003’s Check 21 legislation. FTNI’s RDC and mobile RDC (mRDC) solutions have been successfully deployed to hundreds of customers and thousands of users nationwide, and FTNI continues to lead the way providing leading RDC / mRDC solutions via its ETran integrated receivables hub.

A New Generation of Simplicity and Ease of Use

ETran’s RDC capabilities are proven, powerful, and easily configurable to simplify and speed your check processing operations. ETran’s enhanced RDC module provides unprecedented speed, flexibility and reliability in its check and remittance processing abilities. Part of FTNI’s ETran integrated receivables hub, the ETran RDC module delivers the ability to scan checks and remittance advices while seamlessly associating and storing all account and payment information in a PCI-compliant, secure, central location.
This bank agnostic, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution allows companies to easily continue accepting checks without the need for managing yet another application on the desktop. ETran’s RDC module minimizes administrative time, cost and risk by automating traditionally tedious, error-prone, manual data entry tasks associated with check processing and posting. ETran allows you to easily support centralized
or distributed check processing environments via a single, easy-to-use, user interface.

Business Benefits of ETran's RDC and mRDC Capabilities:

  • Accelerated clearing and funds availability via same day deposits
  • Easily supports centralized or distributed scanning environments
  • Streamlines check-based receivables processes on a single platform
  • Reduced operational costs and processing administration
  • Enhanced cash flow from the automation of receivables processes
  • Improved back-office system integration and fewer data siloes
  • Bank agnostic – easily route transactions to existing or new bank destinations
  • A single view of electronic deposits, from desktop and mobile sources
  • Straight Through Processing – accept, process and post check remittances in a single pass
  • Workflow automation based on business rule Consolidated reporting and reconciliations

Learn more by downloading the complete ETran RDC/mRDC data sheet.