Overcoming Barriers to Growth

To remain on target with growth objectives, maximize margins and stay ahead of external forces that can derail the business, distribution companies need to find creative ways to leverage technology in order to reduce costs while improving operational efficiency.

Moving Business Forward Through Optimized Operations

With the economic pressures of the last several years, combined with regulatory changes, pricing pressures, currency fluctuations and competition for talent, distribution companies are challenged with new ways to simplify and streamline their operations to keep their business moving forward faster.

One way distribution companies can offset the growing number of external pressures facing their business is through the optimization of their receivables processes. Transitioning traditional receivables processes to leverage things such as electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) and epayments, distribution companies can not only get paid faster, but also reduce costs while increasing efficiency and enhancing the customer payment experience.

Learn How Integrated Receivables Solutions Can Help Your Business:

  • Speed invoice delivery and review through electronic invoice presentment and payment (EIPP)
  • Reduce collection efforts and improve cash flow with automated ach and credit card billing
  • Optimize processing and posting of check and remittance documents
  • Simplify payment administration by accepting epayments through your website
  • Accelerate receivables processing by accepting mobile payments
  • Integrate your payments platform with back office systems
  • Enhance processing and reduce administration with customized invoice matching rules
  • Consolidate processing of all payment methods through a single, unified system

Who Should Get This eBook?

This free eBook is designed for distribution companies of all sizes who are seeking new ways to improve receivables operations and ultimately, profit margins and growth.