Five Tips for Successfully Adding Mobile Remittance to your Receivables Mix

Let’s face it, the traditional processes surrounding the processing and management of business-to-business accounts receivable are slow, inefficient and expensive. But both times and technology are changing, giving businesses an opportunity to revamp their processes to be more effective and efficient than ever before.

With consumer reliance on mobile technology growing by the day, combined with increased mobile adoption by businesses, mobile is the next great wave of payment technology for traditional receivables processes. In fact, acoording to a recent Forbes study, 51% of B2B executives say mobile will be their primary business platform within three years.

Impact of Mobile Payment Adoption on Your Business

While mobile payments seem to be a never-ending ‘hot topic,’ with many industry experts talking as if it’s an approaching tidal wave, the reality is that the payment ecosystem is complex – both from a cultural and a technology perspective. That means mobile payments are going to be an incremental revolution, not a sudden, Twitter-style tsunami of adoption that many seem to be anticipating.

What many companies may not realize, is that leveraging mobile payments within existing receivables processes is not only possible, it’s easier than you think – and provides measurable business benefits.

Download this eBook to learn how mobile payments can help your business:

  • Leverage mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC) to accelerate check remittances
  • Make the move to mobile invoice presentment
  • Accept multiple payment methods to meet customer expectations
  • Improve transaction security
  • Optimize the integration and consolidation of legacy payment systems to pave your way to success

Who Should Get This eBook?

In this free eBook, learn 5 essential tips to help prepare your business for adopting mobile payments within existing receivables processes, including key criteria essential to the strategic planning and decision-making process for benefiting from mobile payments.

This eBook is designed for any business of any size that is evaluating the adoption of mobile payments from payment-enabled devices.