Streamline Donation Processing & Operations

The nonprofit world is exploding. Nonprofits have become an important market force in today’s globalized world, generating more than two trillion in revenue and contributing more than $800 billion to the U.S. economy. With such growth comes challenges and complexity that many nonprofits are ill-prepared to handle.

Fast Growth Brings Big Challenges

The growth of nonprofits over the past decade has come with equally complex challenges. From tax codes and regulatory requirements to infrastructure technologies, various marketing channels and the competition for donation dollars, nonprofits have an uphill battle.

But one thing will always remain crucial above all else for nonprofits: the need to continually increase donations and optimize operational costs associated with accepting and processing those payments. Thankfully, with technological advances such as cloud-computing and mobile payment capabilities, nonprofits are reaping the cost savings and operational benefits of seamlessly accepting and processing donations from donors via web and mobile channels.

Download this eBook to learn how integrated payment solutions can help nonprofits:

  • Speed processing & posting of remittance/turn-around documents
  • Eliminate manual sorting while running multiple campaigns
  • Offer regular donors a way to set up recurring ach and credit card donations
  • Provide donors with a self-service option through your website
  • Simplify donation administration & reporting from multiple sites
  • Maintain flexibility in your banking and merchant relationships
  • Integrate your donation processing platform with your back office systems

Who Should Get This eBook?

In this free eBook, learn 7 real-world tips to help streamline your nonprofit operations, in turn reducing costs and increasing both the number of donors, as well as the amount of donations you receive. These essential tips will help prepare your nonprofit to leverage technology in smart ways to build a charitable organization that’s here for the long haul.

This eBook is designed for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes that are looking for ways to improve the business of giving across multiple facets.