Key Criteria You Need to Consider When Looking for a Web Payment Solution

In today’s connected world, customers expect to do business with you online. Having a solid online presence with a mobile-optimized, PCI-compliant website allows your customers to easily (and safely) transact with you. That means more customers, more revenue and less operating expense for your business.

Benefits of Taking Web Payments

Providing an online payment solution helps increase customer retention by providing a streamlined experience that simplifies the payment process for your customers. It also helps you decrease operational costs by removing manual steps and potential errors from your receivables process.

Accepting Web Payments helps you:

  • Speed cash flow and reduce delays in processing time
  • Simplify back-end processes
  • Improve the customer experience and retention rates
  • Provide your customers with a 24×7 payment channel
  • Decrease administrative time required to manually enter transactions
  • Alleviate human error, saving time required to research and rectify the situation
  • Provide a safe, PCI-compliant payment environment

Who Should Get This eBook?

In this free eBook, learn 5 essential tips to help prepare your business for taking web payments, including the key criteria that should be considered when determining a web payments solution that’s right for you.

This eBook is designed for any business of any size that is evaluating setting up the ability to take web payments from customers using any type of online payment vehicle such as debit, credit or ACH.