ETran allows you to accept all payment types including checks and money orders, electronic payments (ACH), and credit and debit cards. Whether payments are walked-in, mailed-in, phoned-in, paid via the web or from a mobile device, ETran’s single-platform, integrated receivables solution streamlines the entire remittance process.

Integrated Receivables Processing Platform | ETran by FTNI

ETran’s Core Application Modules: 

Check Imaging, Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Allows the scanning and depositing of checks and money orders according to the Check Clearing Act (Check21)

Mobile Payments

Accept checks (via mobile RDC), ACH, credit and debit card payments securely, from a stand-alone app, or by integrating a payment component into your existing mobile application.

Online Payments

Facilitates the processing of single and recurring ACH and credit/debit card payments over the Internet via an integrated API or fully-hosted payments web portal.

Electronic Invoice/Bill Presentment & Payment (EIPP/EBPP)

Full electronic invoice presentment and payment (EIPP) capabilities through a user-friendly front end, or intuitive web or mobile user interface that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing website, mobile application and payments environment. Choose between full (original) or simulated invoice presentment.

Coupon Processing

Allows payment coupons to be associated with checks to streamline the payment posting process.

ACH Processing

Provides for ACH initiation, over the phone, in person, via the mail and through the web for ACH TEL, PPD and CCD payments

Electronic Check To ACH Conversion

Offers users at distributed locations, central offices and lockbox environments, the ability to receive and electronically convert paper checks into ARC, BOC and POP ACH transactions

Card Processing

Supports credit and debit card authorizations, as either card present or card not present transactions.

Recurring Payments

Enables recurring ACH and credit card with either fixed or variable payment amounts.

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