ETran is a sophisticated, yet user-friendly receivables platform designed to streamline payment processing and reporting. By combining remote deposit capture, single and recurring ACH transactions, card payments and more in a single, versatile receivables platform, ETran offers the following benefits:

Improved Customer Service & Cash Management Capabilities

  • ETran integrates fully with popular AR systems like QuickBooks
  • ETran also integrates with custom accounting systems

Configurable Customer Data

  • The ETran interface has up to nine configurable data elements
  • Fields can be automatically populated specific to customer and invoice, help reduce posting errors

MICR Matching For Checks

  • ETran matches the MICR line on customer checks to their account
  • Automatic MICR matching occurs on subsequent check payments, making payment posting a snap when the posting file is exported

Multiple Exporting Options

  • ETran offers a variety of exporting options to suit your business needs
  • Export on-demand or in batch mode
  • Export in real-time to your AR system

Optional Invoice Importing

  • ETran accepts invoice files to facilitate the matching and posting process for mailed-in, called-in, walked-in and web payments

An Email-Rich Solution

  • Email receipts for web payments
  • Email notifications of returns
  • Email notifications of unusual payment activity
  • ETran also offers many other configurable email notifications to keep users informed