More than ever, companies must manage a multitude of payment variables on a transaction-by-transaction basis. With each payment process having its own rules, standards, regulatory requirements and risk – and with multiple banking relationships all with their own proprietary formats and security protocols – companies are often faced with the daunting task of cobbling together disparate systems and processes. Unfortunately, that only adds cost and complexity to the challenge, and in many cases, negatively impacts customer service.

Benefits of Consolidating the Receivables Process & Banking Relationships

Fortunately with today’s advancing technology, there’s a far easier way to efficiently manage the processing of paper checks, web payment, ACH, credit, debit and mobile payments so you can support a growing base of customers across a growing number of channels. You can also simplify your banking and merchant processor relationships by consolidating both systems and relationships through a single, centralized database.

Consolidating the receivables process, as well as bank and merchant processor relationships, helps you:

  • Reduce administrative costs by consolidating the technology and vendors used to manage the receivables process
  • Seamlessly integrate customer payments with accounting and/or other back office systems
  • Provide a single view of all in-flight and processed payments – regardless of location – and limit view based on your staff’s “need to know”
  • Easily manage one or multiple banking and merchant processors through a single, bank-agnostic platform
  • Centralize payments and clearing relationships in one database
  • Manage all transactions, relationships and reporting from a single user-friendly interface
  • Eliminate need and cost of learning and supporting multiple vendor platforms
  • Eliminate system integration costs and ongoing complexities
  • Support any payment type to reach more customers and improve customer service
  • Reduce reconciliation time through consolidated reporting
  • Setup alerts when incoming payments exceed preset thresholds
Easily manage any and every payment type, including online and mobile payments, from one, simple system: ETran.
Single Solution

Take the Cost, Stress and Complexity Out of the Receivables Process

ETran is an integrated, user-friendly payments platform that not only allows you to accept any payment type – from paper checks, ACH, debit and credit to web and mobile payments – it also lets you consolidate both systems and vendor relationships to dramatically simplify your payments environment.

ETran is also 100% bank agnostic. That means you can have one or many banking relationships. You can also easily take control of those relationships in addition to managing all of your merchant processing vendors from one platform. That means there’s no need to learn or maintain multiple systems, or go through the cost and complexity of trying to tie together different systems.

Now with one powerful platform, you can do it all.

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