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True Integrated Receivables Spotlight Series |  Episode 3: Tankersley Foodservice

For far too long, distributors have battled highly-manual processes within their accounts receivables (A/R) operations; largely as a result of disparate, siloed technologies and systems. Along with these legacy processes and out-dated systems that support them, have come the inevitable time-consuming and error prone consequences that have kept A/R departments from meeting their full potential. 

Having suffered through manual A/R processes that could take up to a week to complete in some cases, Tankersley Foodservice, the largest independent foodservice distributor based in Arkansas and Oklahoma, decided there had to be a better way.

In addition to seeking to evolve and streamline its existing A/R processes and operations, the team at Tankersley also set out to find a solution that could help them seamlessly add new payment methods and payment channels—with a particular focus on new online and mobile payment capabilities.

Starting in the second half of 2017, Tankersley Foods implemented FTNI's truly Integrated Receivables platform, ETran, to streamline their A/R processes and drive significant improvements in efficiencies within their A/R operations. Their story showcases the notable benefits new online and mobile payment capabilities have provided their customers and field representatives, in addition to their acceleration of day-to-day check processing activities. 

In this episode of FTNI's True Integrated Receivables Spotlight Series, you'll discover how Tankersley Foodservice has successfully decreased DSO by more than two days while also achieving their desired ROI within just six months. Join Zac Robinson, vice president of Sales and Marketing at FTNI, and Brandy Darr, Credit Manager at Tankersley Foods, as they discuss Tankersley's search for, and adoption of, a truly Integrated Receivables platform.

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Spotlight Highlights 
1:50 | A/R at Tankersley Before Integrated Receivables
3:45 | Seeing Efficiencies Quickly
5:20 | Evolving Payment Methods and Channels
7:30 | Using Mobile Payments in the Field
10:10 | Consolidating Banking Relationships
12:00 | Achieving ROI 
14:30 | Expanding Payment Options on a Single Platform

"The processes have actually been so efficient that I was able to capture my ROI within 6 months of having the new system application in place" — BRANDY DARR, CREDIT MANAGER, TANKERSLEY FOODS

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