Don't Settle for Siloed Receivables Systems and Processes

If your reaction to your current receivables systems and processes is, "There's got to be a better way," you're not alone. 

Rethinking Receivables

82% of organizations experience difficulty convincing customers to pay electronically.2

81% of receivables and treasury executives at U.S. companies perceive adopting an integrated receivables hub as adding value to their organization.1

66% acknowledge a lack of integration between electronic payments and back-office accounting systems.2

60% of senior receivables and treasury managers are not satisfied with their remittance processing systems.1

The Cost of Inaction & Why It's Important

56% of organizations are using siloed receivables and payment processing systems — costing a combined total of more than $1 billion annually.3

Broken down further...

  • Fragmented online payment options cost companies $630 million annually in decreased adoption.
  • Lost productivity from isolated payment systems robs companies of $380 million per year.
  • Call centers running disparate payment acceptance systems incur $180 million in expenses due to longer call times.

The best news? There is a better way.

Download this stat sheet now to learn more about the opportunities driving the growing need for truly integrated receivables solutions.

ETran from FTNI simplifies the growing complexity associated with accepting multiple payment types, helping businesses grow by accepting any payment type (Checks, ACH, Credit/Debit Card, Cash), via any payment channel (mailed-in, in-person, called-in, online, mobile) — all on a single, cloud-based, integrated receivables hub.

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