Today’s customers demand convenience – they want to make payments and interact with you wherever they are and whenever it’s easiest for them. With the proliferation of iOS and Android devices in the market, Juniper Research projects global mobile payments will reach $670 billion by 2015.

FTNI’s mobile payment solution provides an easy and efficient way for your customers to pay you, while simplifying your back end operations by processing and posting all your receivables from a single platform. This helps you reduce costs, save time and enhance your customer experience.

Benefits of Taking Mobile Payments

Offering the latest mobile payments technology maximizes your profitability and improves your customer experience.

Accepting Mobile Payments helps you:

  • Improve the customer experience and retention rates
  • Provide a mobile 24×7 option for your customers
  • Speed payment delivery by enabling employees to obtain immediate payments
  • Improve processing timelines
  • Simplify back-end processes
  • Decrease administrative time required to manually enter transactions
  • Alleviate human error, saving time required to research and rectify the situation
  • Provide a safe, PCI-compliant payment environment
According to Google, 53% of shoppers compare in-store prices to online prices while shopping.

Mobile Payments

Everything You Need in a Mobile Payment Solution

FTNI brings all the benefits of web payments to your mobile device while adding the ability to deposit checks electronically. Our comprehensive mobile solution:

  • Supports mobile check deposit, ACH initiation and real-time credit card authorizations;
  • Supports electronic invoice presentment of all open invoices;
  • Allows your customer to select which invoices to pay or even pay “On Account” without designating specific invoices;
  • Provides invoice support for Check Deposits, ACH and credit card payments;
  • Allows you to provide “short pay” options to your customers, if you choose;
  • Allows your customers to add new payment methods (ACH, credit card), edit or delete existing payment methods through the mobile device; and
  • Provides a payment history of all previously submitted payments.

When combined with FTNI’s hosted online payment portal, you and your customers gain a complete view into open invoice items, payment history and payment methods through a mobile device whenever and wherever you need it.

With mobile payment support, FTNI gives your customers the same benefits provided through a online portal but from a mobile device. This simplifies the experience both for your customers and for your back-end operations – reducing your costs and saving you valuable time.

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