From now until the end of the year, sign-up for our award-winning, integrated receivables platform, ETran, and receive three months of completely free processing and zero maintenance fees* (when implemented by December 31st, 2015).

Accelerate Your Receivables Processing and Management in 2016

As the end of 2015 inches closer by the day, we understand how important it is to align your priorities and business objectives (and supporting technology) to ensure your success in 2016 and beyond. We also understand that sometimes the decision to remain on software and systems that either don’t offer the functionality you really need, or simply won’t scale to meet your future needs, can come down to ease of transition and the amount of duplicative fees you’ll be stuck paying during the transition.

Removing such barriers when it comes to aligning your receivables processing and management priorities with your business objectives for 2016 is exactly what we hope our special ETran year-end offer will do for those companies looking to deploy a proven, cloud-based payment processing platform in 2016.

Make the Move to Truly Integrated Receivables Processing in 2016

A recent study revealed that 56 percent of organizations use siloed electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) systems that cost them over $1 billion annually. What’s more, nearly half (48 percent) of those organizations reported that they are open to replacing their EBPP systems with a single, integrated system that can more efficiently and cost-effectively support multiple payment channels and methods from a single platform.

ETran delivers on the ability to consolidate all payment channels and methods to a single platform, providing benefits such as:

  • Streamlined operations – all payment channels and methods processed and managed on a single platform
  • Modular design – add new users, locations, payment channels and methods in just a few clicks
  • SaaS technology – accelerate deployment, support and upgrades
  • Automation – enterprise-wide settlement, posting, reporting and reconciliation
  • Leverage existing processes – no changes necessary to business rules, bank and processor relationships, and accounting software and systems
  • Transact securely – PCI Level 1 certified platform eliminates ongoing compliance efforts and expenses

This is a limited-time offer and will expire after 12/31/2015.

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*Offer good only for ETran agreements signed on or before 12/31/2015. Implementation must be complete on or before 03/31/2016 to qualify for the three months of free processing and zero maintenance fees. Applicable set-up fees not included. Offer excludes ETran Mobile and applicable development fees associated with fully-hosted web payment portals.