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ETran AutoPay

AutoPay TNETran’s truly integrated receivables platform delivers the ability to conveniently set-up customers on invoice-driven recurring payments. ETran’s AutoPay features facilitate automatic ACH and credit/debit card payments based on customers’ unique payment terms and open invoices. This is especially powerful for industries where recurring payments are the same each month, but also can be used in industries where the invoice amounts change on a daily/ weekly/monthly basis.

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ETran Integrated Receivables

Integrated Receivables Platform - ETran | FTNIYour customers’ payment preferences are quickly evolving, but are your payment systems and processes ready to keep pace? ETran delivers a real-time, enterprise-wide view of all check, ACH, credit, debit, cash and mobile payments for superior receivables management. Learn More

ETran Online Payments

Online Payments Datasheet TN.pngLegacy payment systems and traditional accounts receivable processes are inefficient, expensive, siloed and lacking in critical security requirements. Adding online payments to your receivables mix can help increase efficiencies and reduce costs. Learn More

ETran Mobile

Mobile Payments - Mobile RDC | FTNIEmpower your business with the ability to accept mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC), ACH, credit or debit card payments securely, either via a stand-alone app, or by integrating a payment component into your existing mobile application. Learn More


ETran-RDC-mRDC-Data-Sheet.jpgETran’s RDC and mRDC capabilities are proven, powerful, and easily configurable to simplify and speed your check processing operations. ETran’s enhanced RDC module provides unprecedented speed, flexibility and reliability in its check and remittance processing abilities. Learn More

Proactive Payment Monitor

Proactive_Payment_Monitor_Data_Sheet.jpgPart of ETran’s Administration Module, Proactive Payment Monitor offers banks and corporates a dynamic, flexible capability to automatically monitor and alert designated users of potentially fraudulent transactions on the ETran platform. Learn More

ETran Lockbox Solutions

Lockbox_Data_SheetFTNI’s ETran lockbox solution delivers affordably implemented, easily configurable and conveniently maintained lockbox processing solutions and seamless posting of payment data into your back-office system. Learn More & Download 

ETran Lite

ETran-Lite-Data-Sheet-TN.jpgDesigned as a tailored check processing solution specifically for the Financial Services industry, ETran Lite (formerly eRemitPro) seamlessly integrates with your back office accounting applications, banking systems and any Digital Check desktop scanner or mobile device you use for check scanning. Learn More



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