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In this episode of FTNI's True Integrated Receivables Spotlight Series, Zac Robinson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at FTNI, discusses Tankersley Foodservice's adoption of truly Integrated Receivables solutions with Brandy Darr, Credit Manager at Tankersley Foodservice. 

Don't have time to listen to listen to the full conversation? No worries. Feel free to jump around. We've even taken the liberty to call out a few of the top sound bites we believe you'll find particularly valuable (see below).

We hope you enjoy.

0:40 | About Tankersley Foods
1:50 | Before Implementing Integrated Receivables
3:45 | Seeing Efficiencies Quickly
5:20 | Evolving Payment Methods and Channels
7:30 | Using Mobile Payments in the Field
10:10 | Consolidating Banking Relationships
11:30 | Favorite Features of the Platform
12:00 | Achieving ROI 
14:30 | Expanding Payment Options for Customers on a Single Platform

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