Speed Receivables & Reduce Collection Efforts with Automated Invoice Presentment & Payments

Running a multi-state Distribution Company provides significant challenges, from the logistics of delivery, to accurate invoicing, simple dispute resolution and managing customers with multiple locations. Although the Company was providing a Web payment option to its customers, their end customers had to maintain several login credentials which hindered web payment adoption. The Company needed a more automated billing system where customers could “auto pay” using previously stored bank and credit card information.

Fully-hosted, PCI Compliant Web Payment Portal Solution with ETran

Learn how FTNI worked with the Company to develop a customized solution that integrated a fully-hosted, PCI-compliant Web portal on the ETran platform. This provided the Company with a single interface and one set of login credentials for each of their customers to display, manage and pay for all invoices across all locations.

Now the Company can use the ETran Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) solution to send multiple invoice or obligation files that immediately display for their customers, helping to speed their collection efforts by further simplifying the payment process. That means their end customers can now easily (and quickly) pay their outstanding invoices using their on-file bank accounts or credit cards, or easily add new payment credentials.

Learn more about the ETran solution by downloading the success story now.