Reduced Costs & Enhanced Customer Service

Offering a one-stop source for more than 20,000 products from 350+ manufacturers, the veterinary supply distribution company prided themselves on offering expertise and continuing education to veterinarians, in addition to a wide selection of products.

In doing business with thousands of clinics, the company noticed an increasing number of their clients were choosing to pay for products with a credit card. The costs associated with those payments became a growing concern to management. When the company turned to FTNI for help, they began a process of discovery that ultimately helped them reduce the cost of handling all payment types while simultaneously improving customer service.

Integrated Receivables Processing & Management Reduces Costs and Enhances Customer Service

Working with FTNI, the company was able to qualify for reduced rates on their B2B credit card transactions by providing more cardholder information and by going direct to their merchant acquirer through FTNI’s ETran payment platform. Through this process, the company realized the changes they were making could also have a positive impact on their ACH process.

Learn how ETran receivables processing is helping the company:

  • Reduce credit card processing fees
  • Streamline & speed internal workflows
  • Automate A/R for non-cash payments
  • Speed customer response time
  • Consolidate all payment data into one system
  • Improve business visibility and reporting