Businesses today are drowning in a sea of different receivables solutions. 

Let's break it down.

  • Customers love the convenience of paying bills online, banking with their mobile devices, and being able to quickly and accurately track their payment records.
  • Companies have responded by offering multiple payment methods and channels, building and investing in separate platforms to make sure they meet their customers’ needs.
  • The average company now handles paper-based invoices, manual reconciliation to electronic invoices, credit cards, ACH payments, and online and mobile payments.
  • As a result, accounts receivables solutions are siloed, requiring increased training, oversight and manual reconciliations that cost time, money and are prone to error. (See our blog posts on the subject for details.)
  • With all these new ways to pay, it’s easy to get mired in platform chaos—but doing so comes with increased costs and opportunity loss.
Payments Problem (1)

 Companies are moving to the cloud, using B2B mobile applications, and implementing RDC and mRDC.

The Cloud

  • Manage all payment methods and channels from a single SaaS interface
  • Reap the cost savings benefits of flexible per transaction pricing and minimal set-up and maintenance fees
  • Cloud providers hire security experts to keep your data safe
  • Never buy hardware again—at least, not for a data center

Going Mobile

  • Look for self-service mobile solutions that your employees and customers alike can use anywhere—like making payments on the fly via mobile remote deposit capture
  • Leverage mobile invoice presentment
  • Our B2B Mobile Payments infographic provides additional insight into what you need to be thinking of as you prepare for accepting mobile payments within your receivables mix.


  • Streamline your check processing across all locations—on a single platform
  • Build business logic into your processes, using automatic reconciliation and intelligent invoice matching
  • Upload outstanding invoice files and automatically get remittance information within a single user interface—which then automatically posts payment information into your back office accounting systems

See our payment trends infographic to learn more.

Integrated receivables + straight-through processing, all on a single, SaaS platform.

Stop spending time and money on manual work and start giving your business a competitive edge by consolidating your platforms and processing payments on a single receivables platform, securely based in the cloud.

Straight-through processing (payment acceptance, processing and posting in a single pass) gives you:

  • Better oversight: Manage all payment methods and channels in one place.
  • Reduced costs: Decrease manual work and human error.
  • Enhanced insight: Incorporate data analysis into your system.
  • Automation: Institute business logic into your workflows to reduce manual reconciliation.
  • Increased value: Be more than a vendor to your customers—be a partner. Become a trusted resource in every aspect of your customers’ payment processing strategies—not just credit cards.
  • Incremental revenue from each transaction and extended contract length.


  • Significantly reduce (if not eliminate) time-consuming manual processes for posting payments into your back office systems with seamless integration and true straight through processing.
  • Integrate mobile payment capabilities to existing apps or create new standalone apps—without changing current bank and processor relationships or existing business processes
  • Leverage next-gen scanners to help you reduce manual data entry—not just checks, but up to 8.5” x 14” remittance advices, too


  • Use the low cost/low barrier entry of the cloud to move on your own timeline, and develop new business processes as your need for them grows
  • Don’t get locked into software you can only use with a certain bank or financial institution
  • Pave the way for future growth by partnering with someone who has the capacity for large-scale processing


  • Find a partner you can trust, with experience in the payments space, whose work meets the toughest standards in the industry
  • Make sure your cloud provider is compliant with the regulations in your space—like HIPAA and PCI
  • E2EE encryption ensures that data is encrypted both in motion and at rest

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