Advanced Lockbox Processing Solutions

Transform Your Lockbox Operations on a Truly Integrated Receivables Platform

ETran Lockbox processing solutions fit the bill no matter your needs. The decision to leverage a lockbox within your receivables mix—whether run internally or outsourced—is no small undertaking. FTNI's integrated receivables platform delivers affordably implemented, easily configurable and conveniently maintained lockbox processing solutions including advanced RDC, remittance document scanning, and seamless posting of payment data to your back-office system.

Currently in use within corporate in-house lockbox operations, banks and third-party operators, ETran will provide the flexibility and configurability you need to streamline the acceptance, processing and posting of your lockbox remittance items. 

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How It Works 

Implement a lockbox processing solution that fits your business processes and workflows regardless of in-house or outsourced lockbox operations. 

With FTNI's ETran platform, your company benefits from on-demand scalability and seamless integration capabilities with your existing banking relationships, as well as any accounting software and other back-office systems to automate the processing and posting of payments in a single pass—straight through processing.

Efficient, well-functioning lockbox operations and processes provide businesses with increased flexibility, streamlined efficiencies and in-depth A/R oversight. 

Leveraging a truly integrated solution to power your lockbox operations should provide your business with a secure and efficient platform.

ETran's SaaS architecture not only provides increased efficiency, but also multiple layers of security and compliance. At the application layer, ETran is both PCI and HIPAA compliant, as well as complete with a proactive cyber security operation from our hosting partner, Armor. 

ETran's back-office and bank agnostic nature allows it to take information from your outsourced lockbox and information from your business' systems and successfully match them via an automated process based on your unique business rules—i.e. 'consuming the feed'. Then, ETran can feed that data into your back-office and CRM systems in either batch or real-time.

Consuming and matching the transaction data with the appropriate customer accounts for automatic posting helps eliminate manual processes, and let's your employees focus on higher value functions such as exception handling. 

Upgrade Your Lockbox Operations


Flexible Administration

Modular design 

Highly-configurable down to the user-level

Deep data structure

Add new users, locations, payment methods/channels


Intuitive Interface

Customizable workflow queues

Tailored business rule automation

Complete oversight into payments

Simplified exception management


Comprehensive Payments Hub

Enhanced A/R oversight

Robust search and report

Multiple layers of security and compliance 

Flexible integration options


Automated Cash Application

Seamlessly integrated automation

Any back-office/accounting systems

Batch or real-time files

Streamlined cash application to minimize manual tasks

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