Powerful Donation Processing — Simplified Receivables

Your donors’ payment preferences are quickly evolving, but are your donation systems and processes
ready to keep pace? Donation systems should be optimized to provide your donors with the
flexibility of payment methods that they increasingly demand, while also maximizing efficiencies,
improving data accuracy and reducing costs for your nonprofit.

Today’s growing portfolio of available payment methods and channels has added new levels of
complexity to donation processing — often requiring systems from multiple vendors, which can
create duplicate work for your organization. ETran from FTNI simplifies acceptance, processing,
posting and management of any donation type, helping organizations grow by streamlining
operations while increasing convenience and flexibility for your donors.

Any Payment Type. Any Payment Channel. One Platform.

Unlike traditional, disparate, standalone solutions, ETran’s easy-to-deploy, modular design seamlessly integrates virtually every possible payment channel within a single interface — providing consolidated settlement, posting, reporting and reconciliation. No changes to current administration processes, bank and processor relationships, or other accounting software is required. And, ETran’s secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) interface fully handles the burden of PCI DSS compliance — allowing your Nonprofit to focus on growing donations rather than ongoing IT, compliance and administration.

Your Donors are Mobile. Are You?

ETran Mobile empowers your organization with the ability to accept mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC), ACH, credit or debit card payments securely, either via a stand-alone app, or by integrating a donation component into your existing mobile application. All donations continue to leverage the ETran cloud-based platform, continuing the strategy that all donations are processed and posted from a single platform.

“One gateway relationship is really quite amazing. Because the receipting is done inside of the FTNI software, I only have one place to go to get all our financial receipts for my finance and donor offices, and that’s big...The relationship can only be described as stand and deliver. The product has been great, but the people behind the product have been amazing.” 

~ Steve Casey, Corporate Treasurer, American Red Cross


Download the American Red Cross Donation Processing Success Story

 Popular Implementations and Use Cases for Nonprofits

  • Streamline the acceptance, processing, posting and reconciliation of donation data from any payment method (Check, ACH, Credit & Debit Card, Cash) via any payment channel—on a single, user-friendly platform
  • Easily add new donation sites to support special events, disaster responses and new offices
  • Document types of donations, sale of items, etc., for automatic posting into your donation management system
  • Email donation receipts for all donation methods, including cash
  • Set up recurring donations via ACH and CC
  • Accept CC card present donations at all sites
  • Let FTNI support your web donation processing via fully-hosted donation webpages or by integrating payment acceptance modules within a current webpage
  • Real-time monitoring of exceptional donations for special handling
  • Faster posting of payments resulting in shortened turn-around time for “Thank You” letters and follow-up calls
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