Accelerate Payment Processing & Reconciliation Operations on a Single, Cloud-based Platform. 

Real-time Payment Oversight

Realty companies have the unique business model of needing to manage numerous properties, realtors and customers across multiple states and locations. This requires a versatile, cloud-based payment processing platform to handle various incoming payment methods (checks, ACH/EFT), from different payment channels—all from a single user interface.

FTNI's ETran platform meets—and exceeds—these requirements through its ability to deliver real-time oversight across all locations, payments, and users.

ETran's highly-configurable design delivers the ability to accept, process, deposit and post/reconcile all payments in a highly-efficient manner, all on a single, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. You are able to seamlessly manage all payment activity across your properties, realtors and customers, while also depositing to an unlimited number of banking institutions. 

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How ETran Helps Realty Companies

Accept, process, deposit, AND post/reconcile any payment method (checks, ACH/EFT, credit/debit card, cash), from any payment channel (called-in, mailed-inlockbox, in-person, onlinemobile)—all on a single, secure, SaaS platform.

FTNI’s ETran Mobile payment application enables agents and realtors in the field to securely accept escrow and earnest money check payments on the spot from clients and customers. They are able to easily associate the payment(s) to customer accounts or properties, and have the payment(s) automatically sent to the home office for processing, deposit and reconciliation. 

Complete real-time oversight of all payments accepted in the field helps to accelerate exception handling and ensure timely deposit. Payment processing departments no longer have to wait for a payment to be brought back to the office, or for an agent to physically deposit a check at the bank and then provide depository information for reconciliation.

Accept, process, deposit, and post check payments quickly and easily with FTNI's advanced Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) solutions. 

Agnostic by design, FTNI's advanced check processing solution works with any check scanner, bank and back-office system to streamline the deposit of checks to your bank(s) of choice and automatically post the payments into your back-office system(s) for reconciliation.

Streamline and automate cash application, elevate exception handling, and achieve straight-through processing on a single, SaaS platform.

Reduce tedious, error-prone, manual data entry tasks associated with reconciliation operations. By integrating with your back-office system(s) in either batch or real-time, ETran allows you to apply and post payments in a single pass. 

ETran Features for Realty Companies


Advanced RDC

Streamlined check and remittance acceptance, processing and posting on a single platform. 

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Mobile Payments

Quickly and securely accept escrow and earnest money payments on the spot to accelerate reconciliation.

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Consolidated Oversight

Easily manage desktop and mobile RDC items on a single, cloud-based interface.

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Reconciliation Automation

Automatically post payment and remittance detail into your back-office accounting system(s).

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Available Resources

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eBook: Mobile Payments

In this free eBook, learn 5 essential tips to help prepare your business for adopting mobile payments within existing receivable processes. 

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Realty Resource

eBook: Realty

This eBook is designed for realty companies who are seeking new ways to improve payment processing and reconciliation operations with advanced check processing solutions.

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Data Sheet: ETran RDC

Easily support centralized or distributed check processing environments via a bank agnostic, easy-to-use, cloud-based platform. 

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