Increase Recurring Revenue and Become Stickier with Your Corporate Banking Customers

Financial Transmission Network, Incorporated (FTNI) has a collective 250 years of payments experience imbedded in our experienced staff. The services we offer allow you and your corporate banking customers to interface in a quicker, easier and less expensive manner.

FTNI is a leader in creating bank solutions by using banking applications and banking software to create manageable bank solutions. The biggest problems faced by attempting to tame the complicated system of financial interactions are attempting to negotiate the differences in systems used by hundreds of merchants and banks.

Our bank solution is simple. The use of a single platform to facilitate remote deposit capture, both single and recurring ACH and credit card processing eliminates the need to learn different systems and processes or reconcile data from the myriad applications used by different financial systems. FTNI uses Software as a Service (SaaS), which doesn’t require any new and expensive hardware or software being installed, serviced or maintained.

ETran: The Integrated Receivables Platform

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Remote Deposit Capture and ACH Solutions

FTNI offers services in check scanning and processing, ACH intersect, ID verification and credit card processing. FTNI offers ACH payment solutions and ACH software as part of our ACH payment systems. The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is the electronic network used for processing and batching financial transactions in the United States. Speed and accuracy with the ACH is dependent on how the transactions interact with the system. FTNI's proprietary platforms incorporate ACH software working with ACH payment systems to provide secure, faster, more accurate and less expensive ACH payment solutions.

FTNI's remote deposit capture capabilities and check processing software is designed to be able to pull information from scanned stubs, populating customizable fields set up to satisfy your business’s needs. Our check scanning software is proprietary to FTNI, so you won’t be able to find it elsewhere. It’s designed to pull the information needed and send it directly to your accounts receivable database and back offices systems.

Credit Card Processing Solutions

Credit card services become faster and easier through FTNI’s ETran solution. In many cases, the use of the FTNI credit card payment gateway will substantially reduce costs by allowing your corporate clients to qualify for the reduced rates of level two and level three credit card processing fees. This is accomplished by supplying additional built in information at the time of payment.

Our credit card processing software also aids your customer by providing a streamlined flow of information internally, eliminating manual data entry by frequent and constant updates to the receivable database and creating a historical database of all pertinent data related to the customer’s non-cash transaction histories. Our credit card processing software creates credit card payment systems that make valuable credit card solutions.

FTNI is flexible, creative, their software and systems are robust and their team never says no, they always find a way to deliver.  I look forward to partnering with FTNI for many years”.

∼ FVP & IT Director, American National Bank

Popular Banking Implementations

  • Provide a hosted site for consumer loan payments with automatic posting to your core banking system
  • Strengthen your relationship with your corporate customers by providing technology that clears payments to you and automatically posts payments to their back-office AR system
  • Let customers consolidate their payment processing on a single PCI compliant platform
  • Unlimited configuration options lets you tailor the solution to your customers' unique business needs
  • You receive ETran wholesale pricing and you determine the pricing to your corporate customers
  • Use internally for your installment loan payments that are Mailed-In, Walked-In or Called-In
  • Use within your collection desk to follow up on past due loans

Learn more about the ETran integrated receivables platform.

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