Strategic Partners - A Comprehensive Network

FTNI continues to establish a comprehensive network of partners to help us offer state-of-the-art payment processing and risk management solutions to the largest number of clients. Our trusted partners fall into two categories:

Become a Reseller

Whether you are a bank or a technology company, ETran can provide a recurring revenue stream and help you strengthen your customer relationships.

  • FTNI provides you training and marketing tools;
  • FTNI white-labels ETran with your logo;
  • ETran design and SaaS deployment makes it easy to integrate with other technologies;
  • FTNI stands behind the technology if customization is required by your customer;

ETran: The Integrated Receivables Platform

Accept Any Payment Type (credit/debit card, check, ACH, cash) from Any Payment Channel (mailed-in, called-in, in-person, mobile, online) on a Single Receivables Platform

  • Easy to Deploy and Support
  • A Single System to Manage
  • Easily configurable to Any Client or Industry
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Immediate Money Movement - Clear Anywhere, Anytime
  • Unrivaled Customer Service
  • Seamless Integration with Back Office Accounting and AR Systems
  • Straight Through Processing



ETran's Multi-Layered SaaS Architecture

Consolidated Front, Middle & Back Office Receivables Technology
to Achieve Straight Through Processing


Enhanced AR Oversight & Control

  • „Unified SaaS platform – easily extends to online and mobile payments
  • Customizable workflow queues
  • Tailored business rule automation
  • Seamless integration with back office accounting and AR systems
  • Straight through processing

Flexible Administration

  • „Deep parent-child data structure
  • Extensive user entitlement options
  • Customizable to the user-level
  • Easily add new users, locations, payment methods and channels, in just clicks

Comprehensive Dashboard

  • Rich user experiences
  • Consolidated reporting and reconciliation
  • Flexible HTML Design
  • Configurable viewing and branding options
  • Intelligent invoice matching and electronic invoice presentment and payment (EIPP)
  • Single and recurring payments

A Single Platform for All Payment Types

The ETran integrated receivables hub is one of only a few in the industry that can accept all payment types including recurring, web and mobile transactions on a single platform. Its modular structure allows clients to customize per their individual needs and not try to fit their organization into a box of limitations. ETran incorporates lockbox files onto the same platform, while consolidating your reporting and reconciliation.

Full Remittance/Coupon Scanning

Whether you need one-to-many or many-to-many relationships in your scanning, ETran fits the bill. You can easily scan multiple coupons within the same batch and keep the coupons and checks in proper order and relationship to one another.

Robust Admin Module

ETran offers customizable queues so you can make virtually unlimited workflows based on your specific business rules. All of this is packaged into an easy to deploy and support solution that is configurable down to the individual user level.

Full Integration – Straight Through Processing

Depending on your specific needs, batch or real-time processing is offered. ETran has the ability to work with current out-of-the-box back offices systems AND custom back-office systems, allowing for workflow automation based on your required business rules.

Secure SaaS Environment

Rest assured, FTNI’s data center is secure using sophisticated encryption and redundant cloud servers. We meet compliance requirements for PCI, SAS70 and HIPAA. Add to that regular penetration testing and annual audits performed by a Qualified Security Assessor help us ensure the security and protection of your customer and payment data.

Ready to learn more? Contact us or view the ETran demo.