Remote Deposit Capture Solutions to Simplify and Accelerate Check Scanning and Processing for
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Proven RDC Solutions for Financial Services and Securities Firms

As a proven advisor best practice, streamlining your treasury management operations with enhanced Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) solutions offers your business a number of valuable benefits. Perhaps the most important reward you’ll quickly notice is time – more time for client relationships, more time for professional networking and more time to do what you do best, connecting with and acquiring new clients.

FTNI's ETran Lite (formerly eRemitPro) is a sleek, easily configurable, RDC solution enabling treasury automation and back-office management from a single user interface. Over 100 leading Financial Services firms trust FTNI to streamline and accelerate their check imaging/processing efforts.

Discover ETran Lite

Built for the financial services and securities industries, ETran Lite is an easily configurable Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) and mobile RDC (mRDC) solution enabling treasury automation and back-office management from a single interface.


How ETran Lite Helps Securities Firms

ETran Lite features browser-based check imaging and administration modules allowing your business to easily prepare electronic deposits from a desktop check scanner and send to your bank of choice for deposit. What’s more, the ETran Lite mobile SDKs allow you to easily embed mRDC functionality within your existing Android or iOS apps.

Real-time integration with popular clearing and back-office systems such as Thomson Reuter’s Beta, Pershing’s NetX360, Stephen’s Talisys, and more, exemplifies ETran Lite’s approach to streamlining the depositing and posting processes.

Conveniently route transactions to one or multiple existing or new banking institutions for electronic deposit.

ETran Lite is a cloud-based, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) browser-based application. There is no software your practice needs to maintain. It’s all online for easy implementation, quick upgrades and convenient 24/7/365 access.

Modern RDC for Financial Services Providers


Consolidated Oversight

Easily manage desktop and mobile RDC items on a single browser-based solution.


Flexible Data Entry

Configurable data entry options for metadata associated with investment payments.


Back-office Integration

Efficient integration options with popular back-office systems and clearing providers.


Reporting and Search

Online real-time management reports and metadata entered at the time of a scan.

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