Check Processing Solutions for Financial Services 

Streamline Check Processing and Treasury Management Automation with ETran Lite from FTNI.

ETran lite

Proven, powerful, and highly-configurable Remote Deposit Capture solutions designed specifically for Financial Services providers.

FTNI recognized the value of providing a tailored remote deposit capture (RDC) solution to the Financial Services sector early on following the Check 21 legislation that was signed into law on October 28, 2003. Since 2004, our Financial Services-specific RDC solution has been successfully deployed to hundreds of top Financial Services firms that process hundreds of thousands of checks each month.

Designed as a tailored check processing and treasury solution specifically for the Financial Services industry and delivered in a SaaS model, ETran Lite can be seamlessly integrated with your back-office accounting applications, banking systems and any Digital Check desktop scanner, iOS or Android mobile device based on your unique business and check scanning needs.

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Cloud-based Convenience

ETran Lite is a proven, powerful and easily configurable RDC solution designed to simplify and speed check processing within Financial Services and Securities organizations.

Minimize administrative time, cost and risk by fully-automating the treasury management process while seamlessly supporting centralized or distributed check processing environments via a single, easy-to-use interface.

ETran Lite is a SaaS browser-based application. There is no software your practice needs to maintain. It's all online for easy implementation, quick upgrades and 24/7/365 access. 

ETran Lite Desktop

ETran Lite: How It Works

Easily manage user login credentials, profile entitlements, transaction queues, home office oversight, metadata, data appending and approval, and more from the easy-to-use ETran Lite Admin Module.

The ETran Lite Desktop Scanning Module provides review and editing capabilities for single or batch check scanning activities. Once uploaded, items and their associated metadata are securely transmitted and available for immediate review within the ETran Lite Admin Module.

Efficiently embed mRDC capabilities within your existing Android or iOS mobile applications via our ETran Lite mobile SDKs. All transactions and payment information is processed and stored on the ETran Lite secure servers in the same manner as desktop items.

Easily integrated with your back-office systems, ETran Lite helps to facilitate the automatic reconciliation of payment and customer account data based on your unique business rules and processes. Check images can be archived in the cloud or downloaded to an internal database for storage. 

ETran Lite features real-time management reports of all pending and cleared items/deposits.

Check images can be archived in the cloud or downloaded to an internal database. Additionally, items can include searchable metadata that was entered at the time of scan.

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Data Sheet: ETran Lite

Designed as a tailored check processing solution for the Financial Services industry, ETran Lite can be seamlessly integrated to streamline your check processing operations.

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eBook: A/R Automation

This free eBook delivers a handy checklist for identifying and selecting a truly integrated receivables solution to meet your business needs.

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Data Sheet: Proactive Payment Monitor

Included in ETran’s Admin Module at no additional cost, the Proactive Payment Monitor offers users robust monitoring of all transactions across the platform. 

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