Enhanced Document Processing

No More Manual Data Entry. No More Manual Cash Application. Automate the Capture & Processing of Incoming Remittance Documents.

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ETran Enhanced Document Processing

Many accounts receivable (A/R) departments receive complex remittance documents from customers that are intended to help with the cash application and reconciliation of payments covering numerous invoices. Unfortunately, these remittance documents create large volumes of tedious, error-prone manual data entry for internal A/R and accounting teams.

FTNI's new Enhanced Document Processing (EDP) solutions enable you to scan or upload remittance documents along with payments within the ETran platform to automate the capture of pertinent invoice and remittance data from those documents.

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No More Manual Data Entry and Cash Application

Utilizing AI to capture and read semi-structured remittance documents, FTNI's EDP module will help your organization eliminate the manual data entry from remittance documents that can include data covering tens, even hundreds, of invoices. 

All required remittance data captured from the documents within the Enhanced Document Processing module is populated within ETran's configurable ledger columns based on your unique cash application specifications. The data is then associated with the appropriate customer account and payment, for posting into your back-office accounting system(s).

No more manual data entry. No more manual cash application. Way more time for internal resources to focus on higher value functions. 

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Automated Remittance Data Extraction

Automatically capture data from semi-structured documents and long-form data tables from PDFs, scanned images and files. Powered by AI that learns each time new tables are captured, accuracy is continuously improved so that your team can do more, in less time.

Streamline Remittance Document Data Entry

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Scan Physical Documents

Conveniently scan check payments and complex remittance documents. Automate data capture covering tens, or even hundreds of invoices.

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Decoupled Remittances

Drastically reduce the time it takes to process payments and decoupled remittance data. Scan or upload documents and automate data capture within seconds.


Intelligent Data Validation

Automate the validation of data read off remittance documents against open A/R and customer data from your billing or ERP system.

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AI Learning

Each time new documents are captured and processed through the system, the model learns so that accuracy continues to improve over time.

Enhanced Document Processing: How It Works

Scan, upload, capture and process complex remittance documents and data tables easily and securely with FTNI's Enhanced Document Processing solutions.

Scan physical remittance documents along with check payments for automated cash application data capture. Or, capture physical remittance documents for association with electronic payments.

Conveniently upload electronic remittance documents for invoice matching and cash application data capture and extraction with any payment method on the ETran platform.

Powerful AI extracts tabled and semi-structured data within complex remittance documents to eliminate manual review and data entry. The AI improves and learns with each new table so that accuracy continuously improves over time.

Based on your unique business and A/R needs, ETran EDP can capture specific fields and/or cells within tables in any document to help automate and accelerate the cash application process.

Data extracted from remittance documents can be validated against customers' open A/R detail to further increase accuracy and operational efficiencies. Business rules and workflows can be configured to ensure appropriate oversight within your internal A/R and credit departments as well.

Streamline and automate business processes, workflows, and exception management based on data extracted from complex remittance documents. ETran is configurable down to the user-level across multiple brands, LOBs, locations, customers and more.

ETran's EDP module continues our strategic mission of delivering truly integrated receivables processing and cash application solutions from a single platform.

All data captured from complex remittance documents are associated with customer payments and can be transmitted to any back-office system to automate cash application operations.

ETran is agnostic by design, delivering you with the flexibility to utilize your existing check scanning hardware, bank/financial institution(s), merchant processor and back-office system(s).

A/R processing is hard enough, ETran helps you manage the entire invoice-to-cash process in one place.


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