Our Leadership Team

Chris Pudenz, Chairman | FTNI

Chris Pudenz


Chris’ experience and expertise spans many industry sectors. He spent the past eight years growing...

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Kurt M. Matis, President & CEO, Board Member  | FTNI

Kurt M. Matis

President & CEO, Board Member

Mr. Matis brings over 20 years of financial and operational management experience to the company....

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William E. Fisher, Board Member | FTNI

William E. Fisher

Board Member

Mr. Fisher is an experienced investor, senior executive and public board member. Mr. Fisher is the...

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Greg T. Sloma, Board Member | FTNI

Greg T. Sloma

Board Member

Mr. Sloma is currently the President of G.O., Inc., a privately held real estate company. From 2004...

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Brian Grier, Chief Technology Officer | FTNI

Brian Grier

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Grier brings over 25 years of software engineering experience in the financial services...

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Chris Thompson, Chief Operations Officer | FTNI

Chris Thompson

Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Thompson brings over 20 years of operational experience to FTNI. Prior to joining FTNI Mr....

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Zac Robinson, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing | FTNI

Zac Robinson

Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Zac Robinson joined FTNI in 2014 as the head of Marketing. Currently Senior Vice President, Sales &...

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Michael Thompson, Vice President, Operations | FTNI

Michael Thompson

Vice President, Operations

As Vice President of Operations, Mr. Thompson brings more than 25 years of operational and...

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John Karhoff, Vice President, Sales | FTNI

John Karhoff

Vice President, Sales

John Karhoff joined FTNI in 2015. During his time at FTNI, he has held positions within every role...

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