Brian Grier

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Grier brings over 25 years of software engineering experience in the financial services transaction processing environment to FTNI. Most recently prior to FTNI, Mr. Grier worked as an independent consultant for American Medical Files, LLC where he helped develop a medical payment processing system to allow direct payments between insurers and medical providers.

Previously, as Vice President of Software Development for R. J. Thompson Holdings (RJT), Mr. Grier was responsible for the client trading software and back-office interface development. Mr. Grier was instrumental in RJT being named as one of Forbes’ magazines “Best of the Web”.

Prior to this, Mr. Grier was one of the founders of InfoComp International, Inc. InfoComp developed a variety of enterprise level applications for its clients, including Securities America and Fahnestock Viner Holdings, a New York-based full-service brokerage.

Mr. Grier received a B.S. in computer science from the University of Nebraska College of Engineering and Technology.