Chris Thompson

Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Thompson brings over 20 years of operational experience to FTNI. Prior to joining FTNI Mr. Thompson was Trading Manager of Freedom Investments, Inc., a discount brokerage firm located in Omaha, Nebraska. In May of 1999, he joined R.J. Thompson Securities, Inc. as Trading Manager heading up all trading operations for the brokerage firm. In August of 2001 until May 2003, he was Vice President of Operations of R.J. Thompson Securities, Inc. and became a director of RJT.

Mr. Thompson ran the operations of a retail restaurant franchisor, Daddio’s USA, Inc. from May 2003 until January 2006. This entailed day-to-day operational responsibilities and ensuring the employees and/or franchisees had all necessary supplies and training prior to opening new stores.

From January 2006 through December 2008, he headed up the operations of American Medical Files LLC, an online medical payments processor. During his tenure with AMF, Mr. Thompson helped design a completely online 835/EOP/EFT Remittance Hub as well as provider and payer desktop products.