Seamlessly Integrated EIPP Solutions

Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment on a Single Cloud-based Platform

ETran provides full electronic invoice presentment and payment (EIPP) capabilities through a user-friendly, back-end interface for your internal users, as well as intuitive online or mobile user interfaces, that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing website, mobile app and receivables processes and operations. 

Our proven solution offers a single, end-to-end system that helps you move from paper-based invoices to electronic invoice presentment and payment, giving you the added flexibility of updating your open invoices nightly or multiple times throughout the day. What's more, ETran's unique ability to provide straight through processing will seamlessly deliver your A/R team(s) with automated feeds of all payments and associated remittance data in either batch or real-time for seamless updating of any back-office platform.

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“With FTNI, we’re not only launching exciting new online payment solutions for our customers, we’ve also achieved tight integrations with our upstream and downstream systems to create significantly increased levels of automation within our existing platforms.”

Ziad El-Jamal, CIO

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Truly Integrated EIPP Solutions | Complete A/R Oversight

With a unified receivables processing platform, invoice presentment and payment capabilities can be accessed across all payment channels. Whether a check payment is received in the mail, ACH or credit card payment is accepted through your mobile app, online payment portal, or even called-in via a customer service representative, FTNI's ETran Integrated Receivables platform provides invoice matching technology and complete oversight of all your accounts receivable payments on a single, SaaS platform.

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A Truly Integrated Accounts Receivables Platform


Contactless Payment Acceptance

Convenient, compliant and secure online acceptance and processing of ACH and credit/debit cards.


Automated Cash Application

Accept, process, and post payments and associated invoice information in a single pass.


Robust EBPP/EIPP Functionality

Complete EBPP/EIPP options—choose between simulated or full (original) invoice presentment.


Agnostic by Design

Seamless integration with any back-office system, banking institution(s) and merchant processor(s).

Discover Truly Integrated Receivables

Unlike a dashboard that only displays transactions from disparate receivables systems, a truly integrated receivables platform accepts, processes and posts any payment type—check, ACH/EFT, credit card, debit card, cash—via any payment channel—mailed-in, lockbox, called-in, in-person, online, mobile—on a single, secure (and compliant), SaaS platform. 

By streamlining and automating accounts receivables (A/R) operations, truly integrated receivables solutions cut down or eliminate tedious, manual, time-consuming processes, allowing your internal team to spend more time on higher value functions such as exception handling.  

FTNI's ETran platform features Intelligent Invoice Matching and Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) capabilities that allow payments to be matched to outstanding customer invoices and automate cash application operations. 

Capable of receiving open invoice data and customer information via batch file or real-time API calls, ETran is able to automatically match incoming payments to customer invoices, reducing the time your A/R team spends on matching data and applying cash into back-office systems.  

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