Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment Solutions

Seamlessly Integrated Electronic Invoicing Presentment & Delivery

Capable of matching customers' payments to outstanding invoices with automated accuracy, ETran's Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) solutions and functionality deliver internal accounts receivable (A/R) teams with the ability to streamline and automate invoice-to-cash operations without having to touch any paper-based invoices. 

ETran provides full EIPP benefits and helps manage e-invoicing and payment processes through a user-friendly interface for your business' internal personnel, as well as intuitive online and mobile user interfaces, that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing website, mobile applications, and A/R operations.

By receiving information from open invoice files within your back-office/ERP systems via batch file or real-time API calls, ETran is able to automatically match online bill payments to customer accounts, reducing the time your A/R teams spends on matching data and helping the way you apply cash into your back-office system(s).

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ETran by FTNI

FTNI's proven EIPP solutions and modular, SaaS platform offer a single, end-to-end solution that helps you move your paper-based receivables to a cloud EIPP system, giving you the added flexibility of updating your invoices nightly or multiple times throughout the day. What's more, ETran's unique ability to ensure true straight through processing will seamlessly provide your A/R team with automated feeds of all payments and associated remittance data for seamless updating of any back-office accounting systems.

Discover accelerated online bill presentment and payment today with ETran by FTNI. Save costs in your A/R business, reduce human errors associated with back-office and ERP exceptions, present a better customer experience overall, and ultimately, optimize and improve your A/R and invoicing process.

Flexible Paperless Invoicing

Move your paper invoice receivables to an electronic invoicing presentment and payment (EIPP) solution for faster payments and more efficient A/R performance.

FTNI's ETran integrated receivables platform is capable of receiving batch file or real-time API calls of all customer information and invoice data to present via the user interface, as well as online and mobile interfaces, for streamlined and accelerated payment processing and cash application operations.

ETran's electronic invoice presentation and payment functionality gives your customers access to all their outstanding electronic invoices so they can pay any bills associated with their account. EIPP helps reduce costs and save resources overall in your A/R organization by going paperless and moving all communications with customers to an online portal. In turn, EIPP services create a better payments experience for customers, and delivers your A/R team and company with a more streamlined receivables process.

Featuring Intelligent Invoice Matching products, ETran's EIPP modules are capable of automatically matching incoming customer payments to outstanding invoices hosted within the internal interface.

Electronic invoice presentment and invoice matching helps reduce the amount of sensitive information shared on paper documents by giving customers a link to make payments via an online portal, as well as ETran's other modules.

Mobile responsive and featuring complete EIPP capabilities, ETran's fully-hosted online payment self-service portal allows your customers to conveniently view, select and pay summary-level or original PDF versions of their open invoices with ACH and/or credit card payments via any device.

Hosted on your company website, ETran's online payment portal is an easy-to-use, accessible portal for your customers to pay bills and find past payment history. Customers will also receive an email receipt with the payment date and amount paid.

View and select open invoices for payment and direct association with mobile check, ACH/EFT and credit card payments within the ETran Mobile application to streamline and automate payment processing and cash application.

ETran Mobile gives users the ability to accept and associate customer payments in the field to outstanding invoices. FTNI's mobile app works as a stand-alone application or integrates with any existing mobile device via APIs/SDKs.

ETran seamlessly integrates with any back-office system in either batch or real-time to accelerate and automate cash application by automatically applying all payment data and remittance detail to your back-office system(s).

Automating posting improves A/R performance by creating savings in time, costs and disputes across your organization. With consistent receivables automation and being able to post payments with efficiency, your business can grow transactions and set goals for the future.

ETran adapts to your ever-evolving business needs and links to your existing relationships. Agnostic in nature, the ETran Integrated Receivables platform helps maximize flexibility and scalability by being compatible with your banks/financial institutions, credit merchant processor, check scanner, and back-office system(s).

Reduce risk and enable enhanced support and privacy. With ETran's cloud-based architecture, you get the benefits of multiple layers of compliance and proactive security at all levels.

First, you'll gain Payment Card Industry (PCI) and HIPAA compliance directly at the ETran site layer. Second, you'll benefit from industry-leading proactive secure features and an additional layer of compliant records (PCI, HITRUST/HIPPA, SSAE16 and more). By using a cloud-based platform, you are able to lower risk in your receivables, as well as increase your working capital without added internal support. For more information, visit our hosting partner, Armor.

Accounts Receivable Management Software


Robust EIPP Functionality

Complete Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) and bill pay options for your customers accessed through an online portal—choose between simulated or full bill presentment with customized invoicing content.


Contactless Payments

Convenient, flexible and secure online bill payment (EIPP), recurring payments (credit/debit card, ACH payments), and mobile e-invoicing products—all from a single, unified e-invoicing system and cloud-based accounting platform.


Automate Cash Application

Straight through processing of all customer account data, remittance detail and payment information to any back-office accounting system in either batch or real-time for cash automation and accounts receivable convenience. 


Agnostic by Design

Seamless integration with any back-office accounting/enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, banks/financial institutions, merchant processors, and scanning hardware to automate receivables processes.

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EIPP Services | Complete A/R Oversight

With a unified invoice delivery and A/R management platform, the invoicing process can be moved quickly from paper invoices to e-invoicing capabilities. Customers and A/R teams can access paperless invoices across all channels. Whether paper checks are received in the mail, an ACH or credit card payment is accepted through your mobile device, online portal, or even called-in via a customer service representative, FTNI's ETran platform provides invoice matching technologies and complete oversight of all A/R transactions on a single, SaaS product.

Electronic invoicing presentment and payment helps service invoices electronically by pulling file feeds nightly, or multiple times daily, from your servers and presenting them to customers through ETran's various modules. EIPP integrations ensure your business the ability to streamline cash flow, resolve disputes with customers quicker, and overall eliminate paper invoices from your accounts receivable areas.

Why Your Business Should Use Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment Solutions

Business invoicing can be a time-consuming, error-prone and costly process. This creates a lot of opportunities for mistakes to be made. Discover how EIPP works to allow business owners to build automation into current invoicing processes.

Integrate EIPP into your existing invoicing course to give your customers access to a number of payment options and account data including: easy invoice paying, confidential payment methods and history, and all associated supporting documents. Read our blog post today to learn how to streamline your invoice processing.

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EIPP Resources & More

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eBook: Online Payments

Learn 6 important, helpful tips to support online payments in your business, including the required details when determining the right online payments solution for your company. This eBook is designed for businesses of any size that are integrating online/EIPP solutions for customers to securely make payments.

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Success Story: Bills & EIPP Systems

Understand how FTNI worked with the Company to create a customized EIPP platform that integrated a fully-hosted, PCI-compliant online portal. This provided the Company with a single interface and set of login credentials for each of their customers to view, manage and make payments on their account.

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Demo: ETran Online Payments

Watch FTNI's Online Portals demo and learn how to enable customers with the features to make payments online while providing your accounts receivable teams with the oversight needed—all on a single user interface. Offering customers a self-service portal optimizes invoicing and payment processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions: EIPP Systems

Unlike a dashboard that only displays transactions from disparate receivables systems, a truly integrated receivables platform accepts, processes and posts any payment type—check, ACH/EFT, credit card, debit card, cash—via any payment channel—mailed-in, lockbox, called-in, in-person, online, mobile—on a single, secure (and compliant), SaaS platform. 

By streamlining and automating accounts receivables (A/R) operations, truly integrated receivables solutions cut down or eliminate manual, time-consuming processes, allowing your internal team to spend more time on higher value functions such as exception handling.  

An integrated receivables platform enables businesses with the ability to deliver customers a better payment experience, as well as improve the handling of exception processing across the A/R organization. With the adoption of accounts receivable automation software, your business will gain elevated receivables processing and cash application automation.

As adoption grows across your business customers and users, you will be able to deliver a more seamless payment experience for customers and a quicker, more secure processing environment for your A/R team. You will also be able to streamline your receivables management so your internal team can focus on higher value functions. By utilizing true integrated receivables technology, you will reduce DSO, increase cash flow and reach fully automated payment processing.

FTNI's ETran platform features Intelligent Invoice Matching and EIPP capabilities that allow payments to be accurately matched to outstanding customer invoices, reducing the amount of time your employees spend on matching data, manual data entry and supporting documents. Capable of receiving open invoice data and customer information via batch file or real-time API calls, ETran automatically matches incoming payments to customer invoices. The result is increased efficiency for your A/R team and generated accuracy across invoice matching. 

Once outstanding invoices associated with customers' account statements have been paid, email receipts can be sent with the payment details to provide your clients with accurate finance history on their account. ETran also supports FTNI's strategic mission of automating back-office remittance posting by streamlining funds application.

FTNI's ETran solution is a cloud-based, modular suite delivered in a SaaS model. Software-as-a-service delivery means significantly reducing, if not completely eliminating, all costs associated with having hardware and software managed on-site, as well as the dedicated staff and management needed for the on-premise systems.

With this cloud-based delivery, there is no requirement for dedicated IT staff to go through tedious, time-consuming cycles of upgrading services on an ongoing basis. Upon login, ETran is able to automatically check for the latest security and privacy updates so that users can have seamless access to the newest version every time they enter directly into ETran.

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