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Businesses across multiple industries continue to struggle with the cost and complexity of managing manual and predominantly paper-based invoicing and presentment processes—often spanning multiple, disparate systems.

Meanwhile, today’s tech-savvy customers (both business and consumer) expect to conduct business online, and are highly adept at interacting with your business through electronic channels. Not to mention that convenient self-service channels can enhance the customer experience while saving you time and money.

A Single, Truly Integrated AR Platform Combining EIPP, RDC, and Much More

Integrated Receivables and EIPP Solutions | FTNI

With a unified receivables processing platform, invoice presentment and payment capabilities can be accessed across all payment channels. Whether a check payment is received in the mail, ACH or credit card payment is accepted through your mobile app, online payment portal, or even called-in via a customer service representative, FTNI's ETran Integrated Receivables platform provides invoice matching technology and complete oversight of all your accounts receivable payments on a single, Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

ETran provides full electronic invoice presentment and payment capabilities through a user-friendly back-end interface for your internal users, and also through intuitive online or mobile user interfaces that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing website, mobile app, and receivables processes and operations. 

Our proven solution offers a single, end-to-end system that helps you move from paper-based invoices to electronic invoice presentment and payment, giving you the added flexibility of updating your open invoices nightly or multiple times throughout the day or night. What's more, ETran's unique ability to provide straight through processing will seamlessly deliver your AR team(s) with automated feeds of all payments and associated remittance data in either batch or real-time for seamless updating of any back-office platform.

Just over 1/3 of companies are using, or plan to use, an EIPP solution in the next 12 months. What's more, nearly 2/3 of companies currently using an EIPP tool cannot accept payments via their current solution.¹

Get More from a Truly Integrated Receivables Platform with Robust EIPP Solutions

Reduce Costs

Significantly reduce time and associated costs of manual and paper-based remittance processing.

Electronic Invoicing

Choose between simulated or full (original) invoice presentment options.


AutoPay module initiates recurring payments with notifcations of upcoming invoices to be paid.

Complete Oversight

Complete oversight of all payment methods and channels from a single, unified interface.

Eliminate Error-Prone Processes

Reduce human data entry error, saving time, money, and accelerating cash-flow.

Customer Convenience

Give customers, suppliers and partners convenient e-invoicing and online payment options.

Straight Through Processing

Automated delivery of remittance data in either batch or real-time to any back-office system.

Serious Compliance and Security

Multiple layers of proactive security and compliance — PCI DSS Level 1, SSAE 16, HIPAA and More.

Agnostic by Design

Bank, merchant processor and back-office agnostic—leverage your existing relationships and systems.

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¹ PayStream Advisors | Building Strategic Accounts Receivable. Optimizing Accounts Receivable (AR) with Strategic AR Automation Software | February 22, 2017