How to Grow Your Business with Web Payments

Online Payments | FTNIThe efficiency of running a business in this digital age hinges on the ability to process online web payments. This is very important for any business today that conducts their services through the internet and most importantly through the company’s own website.

Web payments are as common today as walking into any store and paying cash for a cup of coffee; from major worldwide department stores to the ‘mom and pop’ store in small town America. It is a necessary element for conducting any type of business in the 21st Century.

There are many options available when it comes to online payment solutions:

  • Online payment software
  • Setting up an e-commerce merchant account
  • Working with an established online payment company

Electronic Invoice Presentment And Payment (EIPP)

The key to the online payment is the use of proper financial tools. Online invoicing and payment services are components that will streamline service and give businesses the ability to:

  • Create electronic invoices and transmit them to customers via email – e-Invoicing Solutions
  • Accept various payment forms
  • Deposit payments directly into accounts

One of the major benefits to using an online payment solution is the time frame and financial asset.

Standard electronic invoicing is still a major process used in businesses, but as we gradually move into a ‘paperless’ society, the invoice template as we know it will be a thing of the past.

By incorporating these methods, businesses can use these financial tools and incorporate web payments to increase revenue.

How Does This Work?

When using an online payment solution, businesses decrease the amount of prep time required in comparison to the manual method. It also elevates human error that may be costly to rectify, not to mention the valuable hours involved in researching and rectifying the situation.

Companies can eliminate several days of processing giving them access to a more lucid cash flow rather than waiting days for the funds to be available, and doing away with the cash flow gaps.

Other financial tools that can be a benefit are:

  • Financial statement templates
  • Balance sheet ratios
  • Return sheet ratios

These web payment tools create real time assessments on cash flow, financial strengths of the organization, and the ratios on ROA (return on assets), ROS (return on sales) and ROE (return on equity).

In this instant society, having an instant web online payment solution for customer and businesses is not only beneficial to decrease operational costs, but also helpful to increase customer retention by providing a service that streamlines their timeline and financial assets.

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