The Benefits of Remote Item Review

Written by: Colby Ring

February 21, 2014

One of the many benefits of cloud computing or SaaS deployment is the centralized storage of all transaction data that gives users a one-to-many view regardless of their geographic location. This benefit is available today for all current and future ETran customers which means your processing items can be scanned at one location but have “actions” taken on those items by individuals at other geographic locations. This ability to conduct remote item review eliminates borders and extends the number of hours in a work day while ensuring security of the transaction.

Benefits of Remote Item Review Include:

Secured Customer and Transaction Data  By centralizing the payment detail, all current and archived items are subject to the same stringent security processes that protect confidential payment information. In the case of ETran, additional levels of protection are in place and all payment information is stored in a PCI, SSAE 16 and HIPPA compliant environment.

Additional Processing Flexibility – Centralized storage allows customers to geographically separate payment entry from review, clearing and posting. For example, payments can be entered at any remote location but reviewed from a headquarters operation before they are cleared and posted.

Extended Work Day – Customers can use centralized storage to enter payments throughout North America while having the processing of exception items dealt with at an offshore location. This model brings the additional benefit of extending the work day to handle the exceptions, while still meeting deposit deadlines.

Are you interested in finding out how Remote Item Review can improve your business operations? Contact us today to learn more about our centralized storage capabilities.

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