Donation Processing Success Story to be Showcased at Nonprofit Technology Conference

NTEN’s 2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference Brings Nonprofits and Providers Together to Explore How Technology Impacts Organizational Effectiveness in the Nonprofit Sector

The nonprofit sector has been growing steadily over the past decade as new charities, foundations and causes are popping up to serve growing segments of the population, including the aging, under-privileged and lower income groups.

According to the Urban Institute, nonprofits out-paced for-profit businesses in their percentage growth in hiring, wages and contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP). Not putting aside their altruistic missions and dedicated volunteers, that means there’s plenty of reason to pay close attention to this influential industry segment. But with rapid industry growth comes a host of growing pains, many of which impact nearly every size and type of nonprofit organization.

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Growing Your Donor Base without Outgrowing Your Receivables Solution

In recent years, nonprofit organizations have flourished where other for-profit businesses have struggled. Nonprofit growth – in terms of both the number of nonprofit organizations and revenue generation – has risen even during the last few years of economic challenges.

However, this success can be a blessing and a challenge. As the number of nonprofits rise, many find competition from other nonprofits for shares of donations, and are thus faced with expanding their donor base and diversifying their revenue streams to ensure stability and growth.

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