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One Platform to Accept, Process & Post Any Payment Method, from Any Payment Channel. Now That's True Integrated Receivables.

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Put a 'Stop' to Silos with A/R Automation Solutions

Discover accounts receivable (A/R) automation solutions to help your business streamline and automate payment processing and cash application operations.

How It Works: Build Your A/R Stack

Any payment method or channel. Any back-office system. One platform.

With FTNI's ETran Integrated Receivables platform, your business is able to select the solutions you need now and grow the platform as your unique businesses processes change in the future. Modular by design, ETran delivers the solutions both you and your customers need.

RDC Header Tech White_WebpWhile the future of payment acceptance is undoubtedly trending towards electronic methods and channels, check processing is, and will continue to be, the foundation for successful A/R operations. The oversight, management, deposit and posting of paper checks is key to organizations' receivable operations.

ETran's advanced Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) solution delivers the ability to scan checks and remittance advices while seamlessly viewing, associating and storing all account and payment information in a highly-secure (and compliant), central location. ETran conveniently supports centralized and distributed check processing environments via a single, easy-to-use interface.  And, it enables efficient integration with any market accounting system(s), banks, and virtually any check scanner or mobile device as a result of your scanning needs.

mRDC_BubblesNo longer only a consumer-focused payment channel, mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC) solutions provide your A/R organization, sales team members and delivery drivers with the ability o quickly and securely accept and deposit paper checks on the spot from your customers. 

Designed as a user-friendly check acceptance solution, FTNI's ETran Mobile provides an efficient and secure way for you to add mobile check capture to your existing receivables mix. By streamlining your in-person paper-based receivables through mobile check capture, you benefit from reduced costs and faster payments, while your customers benefit from a better, simplified payment experience.

With the added benefit of being both iOS and Android compatible, ETran's mobile payment solutions can be utilized as either a stand-alone application or embedded into your existing app via FTNI's API technology. And going beyond the traditional capabilities of just a mobile banking app, ETran's mobile payment technology is fully-integrated with the ETran user interface for complete oversight, management and cash application automation of all incoming payments.

RDC Monitor Image_FinalUtilizing AI to capture and read semi-structured remittance documents, FTNI's Enhanced Document Processing (EDP) module will help your organization eliminate the manual data entry from remittance documents that can include data covering tens, even hundreds, of invoices. 

All required remittance data captured from the documents within the EDP module is populated within ETran's configurable ledger columns based on your unique cash application specifications. The data is then associated with the appropriate customer account and payment, for posting into your back-office accounting system(s).

No more manual data entry. No more manual cash application. Way more time for internal resources to focus on higher value functions. 

Monitor-My_Account-Right_FacingOffering self-service, online payment processing solutions is a natural extension and evolution for your expanding A/R processes. By adding the ability for your customers to make contactless payments online, they gain the convenience to safely and securely make payments when and where they want, and your A/R team gains complete oversight of all payments from a single, cloud-based user interface.

FTNI's ETran Online Payment solutions deliver multiple ways to securely accept one-time and recurring ACH/EFT and credit/debit card payments and automatically post transaction details to your back-office accounting, ERP or CRM platform(s). With three different online solution offerings—Fully-Hosted, DirectForm, and DirectPost—you are able to implement and integrate the solution that fits your unique business processes, workflows and desired user experience.


Optimized TabletUnlock the power of mobile payment acceptance within your existing A/R operations by adding the ability to accept check, ACH and credit/debit card payments securely, via a white-labeled stand-alone app, or by integrating mobile payment APIs into your existing iOS or Android mobile application.

With ETran Mobile, your company benefits from the flexibility of a modular, bank and merchant processor agnostic platform, as well as seamless integrations (batch or real-time) with popular accounting software and other back-office systems. Boost your receivable operations by adding mobile payment acceptance to your existing A/R mix.

API_2_WebpETran's modular features provide the ability to integrate with any back-office system(s), existing bank and merchant processor relationships, and check scanning hardware. Additionally, ETran's flexible APIs enable you to embed seamless and secure payment acceptance options into your existing webpages, interfaces and mobile applications. 

ETran's suite of APIs and web services deliver your business with efficiently embedded payment acceptance capabilities that integrate with your existing user interfaces so you can tailor the payment experience to your unique brand, business processes and back-office operational workflows. 

AutoPay_WebpETran's AutoPay solutions automate the traditionally manual and time-consuming processes surrounding the initiation, invoice matching, and cash application of one-time or recurring payments.

Especially powerful for industries where recurring payments are the same each month, but perhaps even more valuable for businesses where invoice amounts continuously change, AutoPay enables users to configure payment rules and timeframes within clicks. 

Highly-configurable based upon unique payment parameters, customers are able to set up payment initiation/automatic withdrawals on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. basis. Additionally, users enjoy the ability to customize the timing of notification emails prior to payments being drafted. These reminder emails can include information such as the number of invoices to be paid, invoice dates and payment amount.

Optimized RDC Tech GroupingTransform your lockbox and remittance processing workflows with truly integrated receivables lockbox processing solutions. FTNI's A/R automation platform delivers affordably implemented, easily configurable and conveniently maintained lockbox processing solutions including advanced RDCremittance document scanning, and seamless posting of payment data to your back-office system.

Currently in use within corporate internal lockbox operations, banks and third-party operators, ETran provides the flexibility and configurability you need to streamline the acceptance, processing and posting of your lockbox remittance items. 

New Tech Grouping_Optimized_271123Each time your A/R team members have to manually review a payment, it costs you money

Checks. ACH/EFT. Credit Cards. Debit Cards. Mailed-in Payments. Called-in Payments. In-person Payments. Online Payments. Mobile Payments. 

The list goes on...

Your internal A/R employees are tasked with matching payments to customers' accounts with a large majority of human intervention. Turn to A/R automation software to automatically reconcile payment data with little to no manual effort.

As your customers' payment preferences continue to evolve, especially with the introduction of new payment technologies in recent years, so too will the operational demands of your A/R organization and the process of posting payments into your back-office solution. There has never been a better time to streamline and automate cash application, elevate exception handling, and achieve true straight through processing on a single receivable processing platform.

The Solutions You Need + Automated Cash Application = A/R Automation

ETran A/R Automation Platform Any Payment Method Any Payment Channel Cash Application Automation + More
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Multi-layered SaaS Architecture

Consolidated front, middle and back-office receivable technology to power automated cash application and streamline payment processing on a single, cloud-based platform.


Flexible Administration

Cloud-based Modular Design 

Highly-configurable Build Down to the User-level

Extensive User Entitlement Options

Deep Data Structure

Straight-through Processing

Easily Add New Users, Locations, Payment Methods and Channels


Intuitive Interface

Customizable Workflow Queues

Tailored Business Rule Automation

Responsive Online & Mobile User Experience

Intelligent Invoice Matching & Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment

Responsible Artificial Intelligence

Data Entry Automation


Comprehensive Payments Hub

Enterprise-wide A/R Oversight & Management

Real-time Payments Visibility

Robust Search & Report Tools

Proactive Collections

Configurable Branding Options

Multiple Layers of Security & Compliance 

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