Many businesses are still dealing with the cost and complexity of managing manual and paper-based invoicing and presentment processes – often through separate systems. But many of today’s consumers expect to conduct business online, and are more than adept at interacting with business through electronic channels.

Benefits of e-Invoicing and Presentment

Electronic invoice presentment and payment can be a valuable addition to the receivables workflow. EIPP can turn manual and paper-based procedures into  simple, automated and secure electronic processes, from beginning to end. Not only will you simplify processing and remove complexity, you will simultaneously improve your customer, supplier and partner relationships – all while reducing overhead cost.

Moving to e-Invoicing and Payment helps you:

  • Significantly reduce costs and time of manual / paper-based processing
  • Easily start sending and receiving e-invoices and electronic presentment documents
  • Simplify the payments process for customers, suppliers and partners
  • Gain greater visibility into cash flow and spend data
  • Speed cash-flow and receivables
  • Reduce human error, saving both time and money
  • Improve relationships with customers, suppliers and partners
Electronic invoice presentment  and payment can reduce manual and paper-based processing costs by as much as 80%.

electronic invoice and presentment with ETran

One Simple System for 100% e-Invoicing and Payment

FTNI’s ETran payments platform provides full electronic invoice presentment and payment capabilities through a user-friendly front end, or through an intuitive web or mobile user interface that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing website and payments environment.

Our proven solution offers a single, end-to-end system that helps you move from paper-based invoices to electronic invoice presentment and payment, giving you the added flexibility of updating your open invoices nightly or multiple times throughout the day or night.

With ETran, you can present all of your invoice data electronically, and when needed, still scan and print paper invoices. The solution also offers processes and tools for easily activating and on-boarding your customers, partners and suppliers into the e-invoicing and presentment system. When combined with ETran’s online payment history, you can provide your customers with a consolidated view of their payment status.

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