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Mobile Payments, Simplified

Unlock the power of mobile payment acceptance within your existing A/R operations by adding the ability to accept mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC), ACH and credit/debit card payments securely, via a white-labeled stand-alone app, or by integrating mobile payment APIs/SDKs into your existing iOS or Android mobile application.

With ETran Mobile, your company benefits from the flexibility of a modular, bank and merchant processor agnostic platform, as well as seamless integrations (batch or real-time) with popular accounting software and other back-office systems. By leveraging your current, unique business processes and workflows, ETran Mobile increases efficiency and improves adoption for your employees and customers.

By streamlining your in-person, paper-based receivables processes through mobile invoice presentment and payment, you benefit from reduced costs and faster payments. Your customers benefit from a more secure, simplified payment experience. 

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How It Works 

Mobile EBPP/EIPP, mRDC, ACH and Credit Card Processing for Android and iOS

ETran Mobile offers the ability to accept checks, credit/debit cards and ACH via a secure, mobile application. All payment methods and history are securely stored for a complete view into customer information, and payments accepted via the mobile app are available in real-time for review/approval within the ETran desktop application. 

Utilizing ETran Mobile improves you and your customers' experience by offering a quick and convenient payment option with the ability to increase recurring payments. 

View and select open invoices for payment within a single app to streamline and automate payments receivables and cash application operations. 

Increase cash flow and decrease DSO by enhancing your payment acceptance and delivery with ETran Mobile. By enabling employees to obtain immediate payments in the field, you're accelerating your processing timelines and decreasing administrative time required to manually enter payments.

You are also able to alleviate human error by saving time required to research and rectify any payment errors. Utilizing ETran facilitates easy integration with your existing business processes, and adding mobile payment acceptance to your receivables will benefit you by automating your cash application.

ETran Mobile is available for both Android and iOS either as a fully-hosted stand-alone app, or via API/SDK integration into your existing mobile application.

With either option, fully-hosted or integrated, all sensitive customer data and payment information is end-to-end encrypted so no data is ever stored on the mobile device.

ETran Mobile is fully compliant and has built in PCI DSS, HIPAA and SSAE16 compliance. FTNI takes mobile security seriously, and ETran's cloud-based architecture gives you the added benefit of multiple layers of compliance and proactive security.

The ETran mobile payment solutions support our strategic mission of delivering true integrated receivables that seamlessly integrates with any back-office system in either batch or real-time to streamline and automate the cash application process.

Streamline Your A/R Operations with Mobile Payments

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FTNI’s ETran Mobile solution provides an efficient way for your employees to securely accept check, ACH and credit card payments while also simplifying your back-end operations by processing and posting all mobile payments from a single platform.

Discover Truly Integrated Receivables

Unlike a dashboard that only displays transactions from disparate receivables systems, a truly integrated receivables platform accepts, processes and posts any payment type—check, ACH/EFT, credit card, debit card, cash—via any payment channel—mailed-in, lockbox, called-in, in-person, online, mobile—on a single, secure (and compliant), SaaS platform. 

FTNI's ETran advanced RDC solutions come with the added benefit of being seamlessly integrated with mobile check processing capabilities, helping you unlock the power of accepting mobile check payments with the strategic goal of simplifying all your receivables to process and post from a single platform.

ETran’s Mobile RDC (mRDC) capabilities empower your business with the ability to securely accept mRDC payments in the field either via a fully-hosted, stand-alone app (iOS and Android), or by integrating our mobile SDKs into your own Android or iOS mobile application.

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