Enjoy Convenient Automation of Invoice-Driven Recurring Payments with ETran's AutoPay Solutions

Automated Initiation, Processing and Posting of Recurring ACH and Credit Card Payments from a Single, Truly Integrated Receivables Platform

FTNI's ETran integrated receivables platform delivers the ability to conveniently set-up customers on invoice-driven recurring payments. ETran's AutoPay features facilitate automatic ACH and credit/debit card payments based on customers' unique payments terms and open invoices. This is especially powerful for industries where recurring payment amounts are the same each month, but perhaps even more valuable for businesses where invoice amounts change on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

ETran’s AutoPay solutions automate the traditionally manual, time-consuming and error-prone processes surrounding the initiation, invoice matching, and back-office cash application of invoice-driven, one-time or recurring ACH and credit card payments.

Automated Convenience

Integrated Receivables Software Solutions Image | ETran by FTNIToday’s customers want convenience when making payments. With a truly integrated receivables platform, you have the ability to provide them with the options and convenience that suit their accounts payable operations.

A key feature within ETran’s EPay module and associated EIPP/EBPP solutions, AutoPay delivers configurable, automated payment parameters on a customer-by-customer basis, as well as the ability to send proactive payment reminders detailing the invoices to be paid and upcoming payment draft dates.

Highly-Configurable Options

AutoPay Solutions Image | ETran by FTNIAutoPay enables users to configure payment rules and timeframes within clicks according to each customer’s unique payment terms. Recurring payments can be setup to pay open invoices on a daily, weekly, monthly, or bimonthly basis. Users can further tailor payment timing by selecting a specific day of the week for payments to be initiated.

In the event that multiple invoices need to be paid outside of a customers’ normal recurring payment schedule, business rules can also be configured to initiate payment(s) for invoices with due dates within a specific time period. Additionally, users also enjoy the ability to customize the timing of notification emails to be sent prior to payments being drafted. These reminder emails can include information such as the number of invoices to be paid, invoice dates and due dates, and payment amount for each invoice. Following payment, email receipts can also be configured and automatically delivered.

ETran AutoPay | How It Works

ETran AutoPay Workflow | FTNI

AutoPay Features

  • Automated initiation, processing and posting of invoice-driven, recurring payments
  • Robust electronic bill/invoice presentment and payment (EBPP/EIPP) functionality—choose between simulated or original invoice presentment
  • Simplified payment drafting and processing based on customers' open invoices and payment terms
  • Proactive notifications and reminders—Custom branded email notification reminders for upcoming payments to be processed
  • Accept one-time or recurring ACH, credit/debit card payments of static or varying amounts
  • Bank and merchant processor agnostic
  • Multiple layers of proactive security and compliance
  • Batch or real-time integration with any accounting and back-office systems and software
  • 30+ on-demand reports within the ETran user interface

Reduce Costs

Dramatically improve A/R efficiencies and reduce costs by eliminating historically manual processes.

Straight-Through Processing

Streamline and automate payment initiation, acceptance, processing and cash application.

Modular by Design

Easily add new brands, divisions, locations, users and payment methods in just a few clicks.

Complete Oversight

Unmatched oversight of all receivables and open invoices on a single, secure, SaaS platform.

Flexible Configuration

Easily configured on a customer-by-customer basis based on unique payment terms.

Truly Integrated Platform

Any Payment Method. Any Payment Channel. Any Back-Office System. One Platform—ETran by FTNI.

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