AutoPay Automatic Debit Solutions

Flexible Electronic Payment Acceptance

ETran AutoPay supports payment acceptance, processing and posting all in a single pass. Internal users have access to ETran's unique configurable ledger columns to enable convenient and secure association of payment information with ACH or credit card payments for posting to their back-office system.

ETran's back-office agnostic nature allows businesses to keep their existing back-office system(s) in place while automating the manual, time-consuming and error-prone tasks of posting payments. Based on unique business rules and needs, A/R teams can configure the ledger columns to the data they require, and ETran can associate the automated customer payment with the necessary data fields for posting purposes. 

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How It Works 

Powerful automated payment acceptance and processing from a truly integrated receivables platform. 

ETran AutoPay allows customers to set up automatic recurring ACH and/or credit and debit card payments based on their unique payment terms and open invoices.

AutoPay delivers automated payment parameters on a customer-by-customer basis to accept varying payment methods of static or differing amounts. 

The modular design enables new brands, locations, users and payment methods to be added quickly and securely in just a few clicks, and has highly configurable architecture to deliver flexible field mapping for efficient back-office integration.

Especially powerful for industries where recurring payments are the same each month, ETran AutoPay offers automated initiation, processing and posting of invoice-driven payments to dramatically improve A/R efficiencies through the elimination of traditionally manual processes.

The straight through processing of incoming recurring payments streamlines and automates payment acceptance, processing and cash application.

ETran AutoPay supports robust electronic bill/invoice presentment and payment (EBPP/EIPP) functionality. You can choose between simulated or original invoice presentment through a file feed into the ETran software.

All incoming sensitive data and payment information is stored within multiple layers of proactive security and compliance. 

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“With the addition of ETran, we gained the flexibility and oversight necessary to streamline our receivables processing across our thousands of customers, and deliver new online payment and autopay options. The ability to consolidate and manage virtually all our receivables on a single platform that also speeds the cash application process has made this a very exciting solution for our company.”

Eric Newberg, CFO

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Discover Truly Integrated Receivables

Unlike a dashboard that only displays transactions from disparate receivables systems, a truly integrated receivables platform accepts, processes and posts any payment type—check, ACH/EFT, credit card, debit card, cash—via any payment channel—mailed-in, lockbox, called-in, in-person, online, mobile—on a single, secure (and compliant), SaaS platform. 

By streamlining and automating accounts receivables (A/R) operations, truly integrated receivables solutions cut down or eliminate tedious, manual, time-consuming processes, allowing your internal team to spend more time on higher value functions such as exception handling.  

ETran's AutoPay functionality delivers configurable, automated payment parameters on a customer-by-customer basis.

AutoPay enables users to configure payment rules and timeframes within clicks according to each customer’s unique payment terms. Recurring payments can be setup to pay open invoices on a daily, weekly, monthly, or bimonthly basis.

Additionally, users also enjoy the ability to customize the timing of notification emails to be sent prior to payments being drafted. These reminder emails can include information such as the number of invoices to be paid, invoice dates and due dates, and payment amount for each invoice.

ETran’s AutoPay solutions automate the traditionally manual, time-consuming and error-prone processes surrounding the initiation, invoice matching, and back-office cash application of invoice-driven, one-time or recurring ACH and credit card payments.

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