FTNI Hopes to Help IRI Ops and Tech Attendees find Solutions

Written by: Colby Ring

May 20, 2014

The Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) Operations and Technology conference is just around the corner. IRI Ops and Tech 2014 is taking place in Kissimmee, FL on May 19th-21st. Professionals from around the country will be coming together to discuss operational innovations and challenges in the insured retirement industry.

The conference covers many topics that are important to the industry including data security, industry collaboration and carrier automation. FTNI understands the needs of the industry and can help. We provide solutions to simplify and streamline technology adoption and growth strategies.

Automation has become a primary issue in all business, especially when it comes to billing services and invoicing. We know how crucial and time sensitive these processes are, and we understand you want to take care of your clients. FTNI can help carriers conduct business between each other and with their customer base.

Our one stop solution can help automate payment settlements and track it in real time. Move payments, monitor updates and document the entire process easily with FTNI’s ETran platform. And the platform integrates easily with accounts receivables software for increased convenience.

ETran allows you to:

  • Track payments in a searchable database
  • Keep process records of payment settlements
  • Set up rules for payments, processes, and alerts
  • Have a continuous eye on accounts you need to monitor

Another advantage to FTNI’s payment processing platform is the flexibility you have for receiving payments from other sources, specifically customers. Automation between carriers is important, but making it simple and easy for customers, especially new ones, is just as essential. Customers want simple, flexible processing of payments. ETran provides exactly that.

With the increased dependence on mobile technology, you need to make sure your payment processing gateway has the ability to receive payments in any form. Since ETran is a robustly secure web based platform, your clients have ample ways to pay their premiums.

Payments can be made using the following methods:

  • Walk-in, call-in, mail-in and web payments
  • ACH and credit card payment processing
  • Check scanning and remote deposit capture (RDC)
  • ACH and credit card recurring payments

We also provide electronic invoicing, increasing the convenience and confidence in making payments. You can have invoices automatically generated and emailed to your clients, who can then make payments directly from the invoice. These payments are trackable with the same monitoring and accounting practices that you would use with your carriers.

Whether processing carrier settlements, acquiring new customers, or receiving premium payments from existing customers, ETran is a flexible and reliable solution for your business automation and billing needs.

To learn more about how ETran works, check out our demonstration video or contact us. We can help you develop technology in your organization while reducing your costs a

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