How Simple Email Receipts Can Drive More Revenue and Business

Written by: Colby Ring

July 31, 2014

Updated Graph Blog ImageWe all know the touted bonuses of email receipts – they’re environmentally friendly, more convenient for the customer, and they eliminate the clutter and hassle of paper. Savvy businesses recognize that offering email receipts is a great way to build their mailing lists – but what many merchants have failed to realize is that email receipts offer an excellent opportunity to continue engaging the customer.

In fact, a carefully crafted email receipt can be used to drive future business.

Think about it – you already have the customer’s permission to contact them. The sight of a receipt in their inbox is a welcome notification – you’re providing the customer with something they want and need. It’s the perfect chance to present a subtle call to action. When carefully crafted, an email receipt offers the same opportunity for customer engagement as traditional email marketing – without any of the associated costs.

For online services and businesses, email receipts are a necessity. They are a way for your customers to know a payment was processed when they walk-in or call-in their payments. When the following tactics are applied, they can also double as tool which drives your business’s growth.

  • Company Branding. It may sound like a no-brainer, but many businesses miss this opportunity to promote their brand personality through the inclusion of corporate images, logos and other branded material. Your email receipts should be designed to promote your business’s best image, always!
  • Social Sharing. Every email receipt should, at minimum, include links to your business’s online presence and social media pages. Allowing your customers the opportunity to reach you elsewhere with just one click should never be undervalued!
  • Special Offers, Discounts and Calls to Action. Offer your customers a deal on their next purchase, by including a discount code or coupon with their receipt. Or use this space to promote an upcoming appreciation sale or frequent shopper event, so your customers know their repeat business is valued.
  • Partnerships. Let your customers know about your partnerships with other businesses – especially if those partnerships include mutual discounts, bundling options, or other arrangements that might drive further sales.
  • Promote Your Locations. This is especially important for transactions made online. If your business also has storefront locations, why not let your customers know where to find you? Include the address of the closest store and offer a deal to drive in-store traffic.
  • Featured Ads or Products. This is a great place to offer suggestions for items frequently purchased alongside your customer’s receipted items, or to feature related products or services they might be interested in.

In conclusion, email receipts offer one more doorway to customer interaction – and every customer interaction is an opportunity to drive your business’s growth. Don’t let the opportunity to engage consumer attention (and secure future sales) slip through your fingers!

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