Making Cloud-Based Payment Processing Pay Off for Your Business

There’s never been a better time to start taking advantage of the new technologies that are emerging within B2B receivables payments processing. Although check use is on the decline in total—in 2013, 50 percent of B2B remittances were made by check,a 75 percent decrease from 2004—checks and remittance documents continue to be a large part of many B2B receivables processes.

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Moving Payments to the Cloud

Today’s growing portfolio of payment channels continues to add new levels of complexity to payment processing—often requiring systems from multiple vendors. As a result of all these disparate, siloed bill payment systems, companies are wasting billions of dollars each year.

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5 Ways to Unlock the Power of B2B Mobile Payments

Let’s face it, the traditional processes surrounding the processing and management of business-to-business accounts receivable are slow, inefficient and expensive. But both times and technology are changing, giving businesses an opportunity to revamp their processes to be more effective and efficient than ever before.

With consumer reliance on mobile technology growing by the day, combined with increased mobile adoption by businesses, mobile is the next great wave of payment technology adoption for traditional business receivables. By 2016, business mobile usage is expected to be 13 times greater than it is today.

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Overview of Integrated Payment Processing … and Why You Should Care

What is Integrated Payment Processing?

Integrated payment processing solutions offer your business the ability to combine payment processing features with other tools you currently use. This means you can integrate payment functions with your accounting system or other business applications, such as your current customer relationship management (CRM) system, in order to eliminate duplicate data entry, streamline accounting processes, and increase accuracy and efficiency.

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How to Save Money & Speed Cash Flow with Web-Based Invoicing

Are you still printing and mailing invoices to your customers? How many times do you hear from some of them that they either never received the invoice or they sent a check already, yet you haven’t received it. Things do get lost in the mail, but your companies bills always seem to make it to you on time. Waiting on the postal system to get your invoices to your customers, and then get payments back to you, is tedious and unreliable.

All of this equates to time, money, overhead and patience. Most of these are luxuries that today’s businesses don’t always have. Wouldn’t you rather see that money stay with your company and spend the time further developing your business?

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Transaction Processing 101

Building an enterprise-level organization involves complex processes that revolve around one of the most important components – the financial – and the refinement, organization, management, and dissemination of related data. The engine grows by building on what works and iterating on what has failed. This constant ebb and flow forms the backbone of successful enterprise organizations.

Transaction processing that utilizes simplified methods and tools are the key to aligning all the pieces of this financial puzzle and using various applications to keep the machine running. It streamlines the customer purchase process on the front-end and back-end, organizes payments, and takes the difficulty out of processing complex batches of financial information.

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The Future of Payment Processing Platforms

In the very near future and probably within your lifetime, you may be asked the question…

“What Payment Platform Will You Be Using Today?”

It is somewhat of a mind twister to think that paying with cash or even a credit card could be a thing of the past.

Payments technology is not only moving at cyber-speed, but the world is now riding the internet highway at warp-speed. Even many countries traditionally thought of as “third-world” now have access to high-speed internet some cases, even before access to clean water.

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