Software in the Cloud

Making Cloud-Based Payment Processing Pay Off for Your Business

There’s never been a better time to start taking advantage of the new technologies that are emerging within B2B...

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Cloud Dollar Sign

Moving Payments to the Cloud

Today’s growing portfolio of payment channels continues to add new levels of complexity to payment processing—often...

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Power of Mobile Payments

5 Ways to Unlock the Power of B2B Mobile Payments

Let’s face it, the traditional processes surrounding the processing and management of business-to-business accounts...

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FTNI Blog Image

Overview of Integrated Payment Processing … and Why You Should Care

What is Integrated Payment Processing? Integrated payment processing solutions offer your business the ability to...

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Email Receipts

How Simple Email Receipts Can Drive More Revenue and Business

We all know the touted bonuses of email receipts – they’re environmentally friendly, more convenient for the customer,...

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Colored Circles Save Money

How to Save Money & Speed Cash Flow with Web-Based Invoicing

Are you still printing and mailing invoices to your customers? How many times do you hear from some of them that they...

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