What You Need to Know about Merchant Credit Card Processing

In today’s world, eCommerce is no longer the unwieldy, difficult to implement process of days past. New technologies and tools now make eCommerce solutions affordable and accessible, even for start-ups and small businesses. And, while accounts intended for eCommerce were once seen as high-risk, most banks and credit processors have relaxed their standards, making it much easier to establish a merchant account.

Still, before you jump into an agreement, it’s important to understand the way merchant credit card processing works.

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Will Mobile Payments Overtake Credit and Debit? What Your Business Needs to Know.

A successful business actively sells what they believe is the best product or service currently available. A successful business with longevity is also focused on innovating the next best product to meet their customers’ needs. Visionary companies see what is coming down the road in technology and consumer demand, anticipate the solution, and develop the best, most sustainable product. FTNI keeps a keen eye on the future and a finger on the pulse of the expectations within the business, consumer and financial services sectors.

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