Advanced Electronic Payment Solutions

Single or Recurring ACH & Credit Card Payments from Any Payment Channel — All on One Platform.

ETran’s EPay module allows businesses a quick and easy way to look-up, edit and even add customer payment and billing information while having the ability to initiate a one-time or recurring ACH or credit card payments. Users have the added benefit of being able to access and associate open invoices with payments as well.

Furthermore, the ETran EPay module supports feed-based payment initiation from secure IVR systems in place as well as other back-office CRM/Accounting/ERP systems capable of delivering ACH or credit card remittance information for processing. And just as with online and mobile payments accepted via the ETran platform, all payments flow through a single, unified user interface and seamlessly post into your back-office system, based on your business requirements.

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“With FTNI, we’re not only launching exciting new online payment solutions for our customers, we’ve also achieved tight integrations with our upstream and downstream systems to create significantly increased levels of automation within our existing platforms.”

Ziad El-Jamal, CIO

Manhattan Beer Distributors

A Truly Integrated A/R Platform


Contactless Payment Acceptance

Convenient, compliant and secure online acceptance and processing of ACH and credit/debit cards.


Robust EBPP/EIPP Functionality

Complete EBPP/EIPP options—choose between simulated or full (original) invoice presentment.


Automated Cash Application

Accept, process, and post payments and associated invoice information in a single pass.


Agnostic by Design

Seamless integration with any back-office system, banking institution(s) and merchant processor(s).

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