A Payments Evolution—How a Top-Ten U.S. Foodservice Distributor Leverages Straight Through Payment Processing on a Single Platform.

Thinking outside the traditional accounts receivable box, top companies across the foodservice distribution industry are looking for ways to consolidate inefficient, expensive, siloed remittance processes lacking critical security requirements. An estimated 56% of organizations still use siloed bill presentment and payment, resulting in $1 billion in added operations cost annually.

One of the nation’s top-ten foodservice distributors, facing the challenge of providing an online payment portal for its customers, was taking the first step to integration. Seeking strategic partners to help solve their challenge, the distributor connected with Financial Transmission Network, Inc. (FTNI), a leading provider of integrated payment processing solutions. In short order, it was determined that FTNI’s ETran ePayments module met the distributor’s needs. A fully-hosted online payment portal was put in place to meet distributor online payment needs, offering electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) and self-service ACH or Credit Card payment options for the distributor’s customers — all with direct integration into the distributors back office accounting system.

Rethinking Receivables with Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

After implementing their new web payments portal, the distributor quickly analyzed other areas of the business where FTNI’s ETran platform could provide efficiencies. It was identified that check processing was the next strategic opportunity to continue to streamline their receivables processes.

The distributor implemented ETran’s enhanced remote deposit capture (RDC) functionality to centralize all check remittance processing at the company’s corporate headquarters on the same platform (ETran) that they were already leveraging for online payments.

Mobile Solutions for Mobile Times

Changing their receivables paradigm, the distribution company recognized early on the power that mobile
payments could bring to their representatives in the field. The distributor’s recent successful company-wide rollout of ETran Mobile within its field-based receivables processes is reducing costs and streamlining processes, transforming their everyday efficiencies, cash flow, customer experiences and business oversight.

“We no longer have to manually transport check payments, resulting in significant security and efficiency gains, and increased cash flow for our business. Now deposits can be made the same day payments are received. Our average DSO has decreased significantly in mere months. That’s just incredible.” -- Distributor's Enterprise Credit Manager

Over 300 of the distributor’s field representatives now use a white-labeled version of the ETran Mobile receivables processing application. ETran Mobile allows reps to quickly and securely accept check payments via mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC) and easily associate payments with outstanding invoice(s) via mobile invoice presentment within the application.

Growing business means growing transactions, and that means continually seeking new ways to streamline AR processes while integrating new, highly secure payment technology and processes along the way. For this leading foodservice distributor, FTNI is the long-term strategic partner that will help them not just keep pace, but lead.

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