Truly Integrated Receivables Solutions

One Platform to Accept, Process AND Post Any Payment Method, from Any Payment Channel. 

Now That's True Integrated Receivables.

FTNI's vision for a truly integrated receivables platform has always been to deliver companies the ability to accept, process AND post any payment method, from any payment channel—all on a single, secure, SaaS platform. 

ETran, by FTNI, has taken that vision and made it a reality. Now you can accept any payment method (check (RDC), ACH, credit/debit card, cash, etc.) from any payment channel (AutoPay, mailed-in/lockbox, called-in, in-person, online, mobile, etc.) on a single platform that can accept, process and post payments in a single pass (what we call straight-through processing). What's more, ETran works with your existing banking and merchant processing relationships, as well as back-office systems and check scanning hardware.

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Truly Integrated Receivables—Defined. 

Any payment method or channel. Any bank or merchant processor. Any back-office system. 

Welcome to Truly Integrated Receivables solutions.

Accept any payment method—check (RDC), ACH/EFT, credit/debit card, cash—from any payment channel—mailed-in, lockbox (in-house or outsourced), called-in, in-person, AutoPay (automatic debit), recurring, online and mobile—all on a single, cloud-based receivables processing platform.

ETran seamlessly integrates with any back-office system in either batch or real-time to streamline and automate the cash application process.

Convenient SaaS delivery–easily add new locations, payment methods and channels as your business needs grow and evolve.

ETran adapts to your ever-evolving business needs. Agnostic by design, ETran maximizes flexibility and scalability by being compatible with your existing bank(s), merchant processor, bank-office systems, and even check scanning hardware.

An agnostic system means you don’t have to change platforms or rebuild existing processes as your business evolves today, tomorrow and years into the future.

Streamline and automate business processes, workflows, and exception management to increase efficiencies and save cost.

ETran is configurable down to the user-level across multiple brands, LOBs, locations, customers and more.

Complete oversight and direct access to all your receivables items regardless of payment method or channel via a single, unified interface.

Internal A/R teams also benefit from robust search and reporting functionality tailored to your unique business requirements. 

With ETran's cloud-based architecture, you get the unique benefit of multiple layers of compliance and proactive security.

First, you'll benefit from PCI and HIPAA compliance directly at the ETran application layer. Second, you'll benefit from the industry leading proactive security operations and additional layer of compliance (PCI, HITRUST/HIPPA, SSAE16 and more) from our hosting partner, Armor

Modular by Design


Advanced RDC

Efficiently and affordably deployed, configured and supported SaaS-based RDC solutions to help you accelerate check and remittance acceptance, processing and posting.


Online Payments

Discover electronic invoice presentment and online payment solutions to fit your unique business needs and keep your employees and customers healthy.


Mobile Payments

Securely accept checks, ACH, credit or debit card payments in the field via the ETran Mobile app, or by integrating mobile APIs/SDKs into your existing mobile application.


AutoPay and Recurring Payments

Easily accept and manage recurring ACH, credit and debit card payments based on customers' unique payment terms and open invoices via ETran's AutoPay Automatic Debit solutions.


Lockbox Processing

Lockbox processing solutions that provide the flexibility and configurability you need to streamline the acceptance, processing and posting of your lockbox remittance items all in a single pass.


Automated Cash Application

Seamlessly integrated automation with any back-office and accounting systems, in either batch or real-time, to streamline the cash application process. 

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